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Small Business Tips \ NOV 14th 2011

How to Kick Work Blues in 8 Simple Steps

We spend half of our day working. From the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed, we always have work in mind. Spending so much time in the office can cause stress (both mental and physical) and inadvertently affect our health. But by changing a few basic things in your work environment, you can actually shift your health, emotions and state of mind. Here are a few great tips for kicking work blues and reclaiming your energy levels.

  • Make your space your own. Decorate your desk with personal items and photos for a stress-free, pleasant environment.

Photo by Paul Maybe, Flickr

  • Avoid processed foods and drink lots of water. Instead of having a hearty lunch, have a light one. That will keep you from feeling heavy and sleepy during work hours.

  • Taking frequent breaks will keep you alert and focused.  Go out for a herbal tea / quick walk with a colleague or a friend.

  • Use your free time properly – treat yourself to something nice during the weekend, like a manicure or a massage, and show up refreshed and renewed to work!

Photo by ShereeEvansMassage, Flickr

  • Prolonged sitting in the office can give you a backache and make you tense. Read about Office Ergonomics and Keyboard Ergonomics and get comfy! Also, if you work from home, check out this video:

  • Keep your workspace clean – a messy workspace will make you disoriented and disgruntled. Rearrange your desk at the beginning of every day and have a look at these tips for increasing productivity.

  • Do a to-do list. Don’t work on several things simultaneously, focus on one thing at a time.

  • If you’re a freelancer working from home, keep your workspace separate from the rest of the house. If you’re sitting next to a TV or a bed, you’ll be tempted to do other things.


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