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Wix News \ NOV 13th 2011

Hairy Charity: Stop Shaving & Save Lives

If you’re wondering how come so many men around you are suddenly sporting a well-groomed stache, just look at the calender – it’s Movember! Formerly known as November, Movember is the month when for several years now, men around the world let their mustaches grow in order to raise awareness to men’s health issues.

Movember began in Adelaide, Australia in 1999 and has grown to become an international phenomenon since. It’s a creative and unique charity campaign addressing public health issues with humor and style. In recent years, the Movember Foundation has been successful in raising funds for organizations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, not to mention the huge contribution in increasing public awareness.


Come Movember, The Mustache Prevails


SnoopDog Movember

Active Movember participants are called Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. The Mo Bros who sign up to the month-long event are asked to shave their faces clean at the beginning of the month. During the entire month, they are then committed to cultivating a beautiful mustache (no beards or goatees!), and are obliged to honor the stache and behave like true gentlemen.

Mo Sistas have no less significant role. As ambassadors, they are working hard to promote the Movemeber events and to raise the much needed donations. Many Sistas consider the fact that they tolerate their partner’s mustache a great contribution as well, though others are very fond of that extra piece of hair.

There are plenty of ways to take action. You can create a fund-raising team or join an existing one, attend events and galas thrown by the foundation or simply become a Mo Bro or Sista and help spread the word. Go to the (excellent) Movember website and catch up on all of the options.


No-Shave November



In the spirit of embracing hair to save lives, yet another brilliant charity organization is prompting us to stay hairy for one month. No-Shave November addresses men and women, asking both sexes to stay away from razors and wax and let everything grow – beards, chest-fluff, sexy hairy legs and the rest!

The purpose is then to donate the money you would usually spend on hair removal in one month to the important cause of cancer research.

In addition to going natural, No-Shave November is asking for help in promoting the campaign, both online and offline:

  • Like No-Shave November on Facebook
  • Post hairy pics of yourself online and promote them
  • Print this flyer and hang it where people can see


Let’s get hairy!

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