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Inspiration \ NOV 30th 2011

Funniest Videos of November 2011

Every month new videos go viral on YouTube. Watching those videos, you get a pretty good idea of the month that was: what was trendy, what was selling, and what were people interested in. November was full of events and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, and as result many new videos were uploaded. For any of you who might have missed on this month’s action,  here are 10 of the funniest and/ or most intriguing videos that were uploaded to the web on November. Enjoy!

Two Natty Light Facebook Fans, Danny and Rich, came up with the idea to send their favorite beer to space. The beer company decided to make their dream come true and on November 18th, 2011, a cooler of Natural Lights was put on a weather balloon and launched into the Nattosphere! The result was recorded on a camera attached to the cooler. One small step for man, one giant leap for beer!

This last Halloween, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to pretend they ate their kids’ Halloween candy and record their response. Needless to say, a lot of crying was involved. The video immediately went viral and got 22,941,157 views (and counting).


Thanksgiving preparations can be exhausting and nerve-wracking, especially if you’re fixed on making the perfect turkey. Tante Marie, on the other hand, can’t be bothered about anything. “Just put the f*cking turkey in the oven”, she says, explaining that whatever you do, turkey meat just doesn’t taste good without gravy.

The infamous Simon’s Cat gets a taste of his own medicine when Kitten comes into the picture. Best place to sleep? Simon’s cat’s belly of course.


Old Spice commercials never cease to surprise. After last year’s success featuring Isaiah Mustafa, the marketers have come up with yet another crazy concept this year. The commercial features two fat guys and an old man in a locker who magically turn into a motorcycle trio. Roll on!

Here’s a video that went viral overnight. A mom goes to the bathroom and comes out to find her two toddlers covering the entire house with flour. The video stirred up controversy when some parents claimed it was a hoax. The video was featured on SayOMG.

This adopted cat can’t figure out why the boy in his new family splashes around in his sand box, instead of doing his business. A funny and original ad campaign from The Shelter Pet Project.

Here’s one from collegehumor’s recent Batman parodies.  A confused and self-conscious batman tries out a number of voice impressions on a far-from-intimidated criminal, until he comes up with the original husky Batman voice.

These guys certainly know their memes! Here’s an amazing video of the Gag Quartet who manage to squeeze 40 internet memes into one song! Among other memes they reference the nyan cat, Eduard Khill’s trololo song and Chuck Testa.

You can’t help but smile when you see Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Concords and Kermit perform “Life’s a Happy Song” from the new Muppets Movie. Enjoy!

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