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Showcase: 10 Most Inspiring Wix Art Sites

By Krzysztofchalik

It’s hard to keep pace with the art world, especially when there are hundreds of art-related Wix sites created every day. On this post we bring you the best art sites we recently discovered and exclusively showcase them for your pleasure. We did the leg work, all you have to do is sit back, relax and appreciate this amazing collection of must-see Wix art websites. Have fun!

If you’re into computer games, comics and animation, check out this website. Krzysztof Chalik‘s collection of characters and scenery will definitely intrigue and excite you.

Krzysztof Chalik

Brandon James Keehner creates an imaginary world, where frogs are red and rhinos wear hats. His meticulous work shows the respect this incrdible artist has for his objects.

Brandon James Keehner

M Hill Krasniqi leaves very little room for text, allowing you to zoom in on his beautiful and unique illustrations.


If you’re into Realism, you will surely like Valerie Ann Lewis‘ work.  Her website design is simple, elegant and brings out the vivid colors of her paintings.

Valerie Lewis

Charles Wish‘s enigmatic paintings bring to mind artists like Thomas Benton and the obscure Richard Dadd. His elaborate scenes captivate the eye.

Charles Wish

Pen Brady‘s art is delicate and precise, inspired by Northcoast Art. She focuses mainly on animals, which are presented in a loving and respectful way.

Pen Brandy

Meital Saadon focuses mainly on the personal. Her scenes, which revolve around relationships and body image,  are fragile and thought-provoking.

Meital Saadon

Unlike a lot of cartoonists, Kevin Smalley draws mainly landscapes, which he calls “linescapes”. His scenery illustrations are unorthodox and fascinating.

Kevin Smalley

We don’t often get to see an exhibition in a museum. It’s easier and less time-consuming to explore art through books and on the web. Danny Everett Stewart‘s website creates the illusion of an exhibition hall, which invokes intimacy and focus.

Danny Everett Stewart

Every painter is fascinated by something different. Monet was obsessed with water lilies, Cathy Mac draws only dogs. If you’re a pet lover, or simply an art lover, you will greatly appreciate her illustrations.


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