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Wix Updates \ OCT 10th 2011

Get a Cheek Swab & Win a Free Upgrade!

Guys, we need your help with a serious matter.

Amit Gupta, a dear friend and a star member of the digital community, is battling with leukemia. You or someone you know may be the people who can save Amit’s life!

To overcome cancer, Amit needs an urgent bone marrow transfusion. A search for the matching donor is now vigorously taking place.

Amit is of South-Asian descent. South Asians are severely underrepresented in the American registry for bone marrow donation, which makes it even harder to find the right match for Amit.

Get Tested, Get a Free Upgrade!

Amit needs everyone of South Asian descent between the ages of 18 to 60 to go and get a cheek swab.

Wix is offering anyone who takes the test a free upgrade for their website!

Send community@wix.com a photo of you getting swabbed and we will upgrade your account right away.

Where to Get Tested?

This Friday, October 14,  at 21:30, Amit’s friends are throwing a New York benefit party in hopes of finding Amit a matching bone marrow donor. If you happen to be in New York, you’re very welcome to walk in, get your cheek swabbed (painless + takes two seconds) and kick ass with a bunch of other cool folks. Alternately, you can simply get a swab at the nearest Registry Drive.

 Here are a few more easy ways in which you can help save Amit’s life:

  • Sign-up for the national registry for bone marrow donation and tell your friends to join too.
  • Donate money to help finance the medical procedures. You can use the donation form HERE or contact 4amit@nwc.co for secure donations.
  • Join the Facebook group “Internet Loves Amit” and follow Amit’s personal blog to catch up on news and upcoming events.
  • Share Amit’s story with anyone you know. Maybe a friend of a friend of a friend will end up being the donor who can save him!

Entrepreneur and web persona Seth Godin has promised to reward the matching donor with $10,000, or to deliver that sum to a charity of the donor’s choice! So by helping Amit you can end up helping so many others as well.

Getting to Know Amit

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is a entrepreneur with a long list of achievements. He’s the founder of Photojojo, a hit photography site . He also co-founded Jelly, a coworking community that is now active in dozens of cities worldwide, plus he is one of the people behind ChangeThis, a site promoting idea-exchange.

His creative approach to life has inspired so many people, no wonder that the online community has so willingly joined hands to help him recover.

Amit was diagnosed only a few weeks ago. “I was terrified”, he writes in his blog about receiving the bad news.”I Googled acute leukemia as I lay in my hospital bed, learning that if it hadn’t been caught, I’d have died within weeks.”

He started undergoing treatments right away at the Smilow Cancer Center in Yale-New Haven Hospital, Connecticut, to be near his family.

We ask you to give Amit a hand in fighting cancer. You can take immediate action to help Amit live!

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