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Inspiration \ OCT 13th 2011

10 Tweetable Pet Photography Tips

If you’re into pet photogrphy, you’ve probably already seen Carli Davidson’s amazing Dogs in Motion series. Pet photograpy requires excellent timing and creative vision but it also requires knowledge of some downright practical tips. The following 10 pet photography tips will help you get the most out of your photography shoot whether at home, or on the beach. Click on any tip you find interesting or helpful to share it with your followes on Twitter. Enjoy!


Use the macro mode to blur the background and accentuate your pet’s features

By Red Junasun, Flickr


If your flash is too strong, cover it with a white plastic bag. It will diffuse the light and make your pet’s eyes sparkle!

By Soggydan, Flickr


Play with perspective: crouching down to your pet’s eye level makes for a great shot!

By ilkerender, Flickr


Take your pet to an environment where it can interact, such as the beach or the park, and prepare to take awesome shots!

By donjd2, Flickr


Pets dislike flash. Use natural light to keep your pet at ease and to avoid red-eye

By Roger Blackwell, Flickr


Use fast shutter speed to catch your pet’s fast movements

By acidpix, Flickr


Make an environmental portrait by getting really close to your pet while using a wide angle lens

By Caza_No_7, Flickr


Have fun with your pet! Get it to splash around in the dirt while taking a picture

By tibchris, Flickr


Don’t forget the props! When going out on a photo session with your pet, bring toys and snacks to get it moving!

By geraldbrazell, Flickr


Take a self-portrait with your pet. It’s your pet after all, why leave yourself out? :)

By mikebraid, Flickr

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