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Web Design \ SEP 19th 2011

Showcase of Inspirational Wix Music Sites

Part of the fun with music is that it’s constantly evolving into new genres and sub-genres. However, most people aren’t usually aware of new music coming out. Tuning into the radio and listening to templated playlists is pretty much the last way to come across new sounds and for the most part, we don’t get to enjoy the rush of discovering fresh music. So for all of you real music fans out there, here’s a showcase of awesome Wix music sites featuring raw and new talent. And btw, if you happen to be a US-based musician, singer or group, make sure to enter Wix’ and Loveline’s Eargasm Challenge for a chance to play your music on national radio!


The Pash is a one-man band and artist, who single-handedly designed this beautiful website. His delusional artwork and experimental music will make you feel like you’ve landed on a different planet.

Experimental Electronic:

On the one hand, No Tabac‘s website spells out “professional”. On the other hand, its ornamental frame screams out “experimental”. Combined, they make a perfect fit (music wise, too).


“A hillbilly Elliott Smith”, reads a review on Mark Macminn‘s website. A spot on observation for a website that maintains a simple, yet intelligent look.

Hip Hop:

This site’s needle-in-a-haystack design makes you want to look further and dig deeper into FrowniBrown‘s music. It has an original layout and design which resonate with the bands’ eclectic sound.


Although Carnosaurios‘s music style is hard to define, its website has a very clear outline. In addition, the red & white color scheme and the unique font make for a pretty chic design.


The Steam Box‘ website is both traditional and modern.Its black-and-white somber background combined with a tinge of pink makes it look luminous. The music is also fantastic.


Batch Gueye‘s website might revolve around African music and dancing, but it has a universal feel. The design is elegant and intelligible, which makes the music more accessible.

Hip Hop:

Shea Rose‘s website has anything a music website needs, including 23 music samples and videos. It looks and sounds amazing.

Boy Band:

Even by using a template you can create a professional-looking website. BIGBANG, a successful boy band from Korea, pulls it off with the perfect layout.


Translink’s website welcomes you in with its soft color scheme and texture, which also give the artists the respect they deserve.

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