New Wix Express Wizard Makes Web Design a Breeze!

Want a great website but simply can’t afford the time or trouble to create one?

Introducing ‘Wix Express’: An incredible wizard that creates a website in practically minutes!

What is Wix Express

For some users, the experience of building a website from scratch can be overwhelming. Even customizing an existing template can be scary if you’re not the type of person who enjoys selection. Just like some people get lost in restaurants that offer too many dishes, some business owners want a quick, straight-forward and no brainer solution for their website. This is where Wix Express steps in. It instructs you exactly what to do, leaving almost no room for error.

Wix Express – Highlights

  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Easy to use

  • Quick as lighting

  • No frills: What-you-see- is-what-you-get

I’m a Savvy Wix User, Can Wix Express Help Me?

Absolutely! Many of our power users use Wix Express to do either or both of the following:

  • Use Wix Express as a  ‘preview’ tool: Wix Express can give you a very quick idea of how similar or far off is a template from what you initially envisioned. Like what you see? Move in to the full Wix editor and continue working. Not happy with your choice? go ahead and try another template.

  • Use Wix Express as a Content Management System (CMS). Some users love using Wix Express to introduce quick and efficient changes to their existing websites. You can use Wix Expressas a website indexer and/or web design organizer, whatever suits your purpose. Wix Express makes it so much easier for you to aceass and see your website’s different components.

How Do I Use Wix Express?

When opening the Editor, you’ll see the Wix Express Wizard on the left side of your screen. Click Step 1: ‘Site Details’, and begin by filling- in your site’s details. Click Step 2: ‘Customize Design’ to customize your site’s background and music. Click Step 3: ‘Manage Pages’ to arrange your pages Save your site

Click Step 4: ‘Publish and Share’ to publish and share your site!

If you wish to make more complex changes to your site you can always access the full Wix editor by clicking on the ‘Go to the Editor’ button on the top left side of Wix Express.

Need more info? Click here for a complete overview of Wix Express.

Developer’s Note

This note is brought to you by Roy Klein, Team Leader of the Flash development group at Wix:

Hi guys, now that we launched Wix Express we’d love to have your feedback and/or feature requests. Which course do you think Wix Express should take? Should we focus our efforts on making it the best Site-Making Wizard available  or should we turn it into a full-fledged CMS for Wix websites? Feel free to let us know how you plan to use Wix Express, and whether we should add, remove, change or twist something in order for it to better suit your needs.



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