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Small Business Tips \ SEP 9th 2011

How to Find your Lost or Stolen Smartphone

Relax, phones don’t have legs. Phones don’t just disappear… Calm down, now where did you last see your phone?

This may sound familiar: you turn your phone on silent for whatever reason and get distracted by a couple of things.  Now where on earth did you put it? Worse even: you’re at a busy shopping center and you left your phone on the counter for a split second while stirring your latte. Oh no!
Innocent mistakes happen daily and they might hit you too. However, these clever Smartphone apps might one day save you lots of sighs and some serious dollars too.

Find My iPhone

For iPhone users, Find My iPhone has some awesome tracking features to offer.
This app lets you locate your phone on a map and also send a message or play a sound for two minutes at full volume when your device is set to silent. Opening an account is free if you’re using iPhone 4, iPad or iPod touch (4th Generation or later) running iOS 4.2. O. The app also offers ‘scarier’ options for times of greater distress;) For instance, it lets you remotely wipe your device to permanently erase all of your personal info.  Just remember to back up your data periodically, OK?

Where’s My Droid? 

If you’re an Android phone device user, ‘Where’s My Droid’ is just the solution for you. When you lose your phone, you can text the device with a custom set words and it will turn your silent mode off, the ringer volume up, and start ringing. Great for those times when you know you turned your phone on silent but can’t remember what you did with it since.
‘Where’s My Droid’ also lets you get the GPS location of your phone, so if you lost it outdoors you can always track it. Cool features.


Prey is an open-source project for Android phones and computers which keeps track of all of these important devices for you. It uses either the device’s GPS or the nearest WiFi hotspots to grab a fix on your phone’s location and the results are said to be shockingly accurate. This app is not yet available for iPhone but the makers say it will be soon. If you’re thinking of getting Prey for your laptop, mind this cool and freaky option: Prey lets you grab a screenshot of the thief using your computer. Safety disclaimer: use the information wisely ;) And hey, if the screenshot somehow doesn’t help the police, you can always do goofy things to it and hang it on your wall.

Plan B

Plan A: act like a responsible adult and install an app to help you find your phone in case you lose it someday.Well, too bad that failed.
Plan B: a life saving app that lets you download it AFTER you lose your phone.
Plan B is an Android app that you can install from the Android Market.  It will start automatically and send your phone’s location to your Gmail address. Then, the phone’s location will keep updating for 10 minutes, and you will get an email each time it is located, whether the phone is moving or static.
Just knowing it exists, is a bit of a relief, ain’t it?

If Found +

Some apps rely on GPS, Wi-Fi and other intricate technologies to track your lost phone.  Other apps rely on simple, good human measures to return the lost goods. If Found + is an app that lets you create a wallpaper/lock screen image with a message asking the person who finds the phone to call you. You can embellish the screen using different styles and colors and leave your contact details to the person who finds your phone. There are lots of nice people out there; maybe one of them will find your phone.

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