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Web Design \ SEP 15th 2011

Create a Free & Professional Mobile Site for your Business

Mobile consumerism is a fast-growing phenomenon. Recent surveys indicate that Smartphones account for 40% of all mobile phones in the US, and this figure just keeps growing.

There’s no escaping it – your business needs to go mobile. The market is growing by the minute and is rapidly becoming more advanced. If you want a piece of the mobile pie, you’d better jump in the game.

Creating a mobile website for your business isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. With the Wix Mobile Wizard, you can design and launch your mobile site within minutes – and it’s free too! To create a really professional website, check out these expert tips:

1. Mobile Is Different: You shouldn’t just duplicate your “regular” website and fit it into a smaller screen. Your texts need to be edited and your images should be carefully selected. Users browse mobile sites quite briefly, so you need to captivate them quickly.

2. Minimal Scrolling: Whether Smartphone or Tablet – the less scrolling involved, the more likely you are to convert visitors into clients. Keep your texts concise and clear and use links to break your content into segments.

3. Incentives: Make it worthwhile for your clients to visit your mobile site by offering special deals for mobile users. It will help you establish your mobile site as more than just an extension of your full website.

4. SEO: Just like in the non-mobile web, SEO is an important part of how you create your mobile site. Your site’s title, your content and linking strategy are all  important for helping search engines index your site properly. Here you can find links to a few helpful mobile SEO sources.

5. Stay Connected: The Wix Mobile Wizard gives you the option to connect your mobile site with various contact mediums – Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, phone call, Google maps, emailing. Allow your visitors to easily keep in touch with you by using as many of these mediums on your mobile site.

Good To Know About Wix Mobile

  • Wix Mobile sites are HTML5 based and are viewable on all Apple and Android devices.
  • You can change your mobile site’s template and background even after publishing it.
  • If you have an upgraded Wix site, your premium status applies for your mobile site as well!
  • You don’t need to have a full website in order to create a mobile site with Wix.
  • You can connect your mobile site to your own domain.

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