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Web Design \ SEP 22nd 2011

10 Tweetable Wix Tips You Can’t Miss!

Everyone needs a tip now and then, especially when creating a website. This is a collection of short and punchy tips to make your Wix Experience smarter, better and faster. To keep things interesting, we’ve made each these tips tweetable. If you have friends or clients who are using Wix, tweeting these tips might be a good way to add value to your relationship. Simply click on any tip to automatically publish it to your Twitter account. Enjoy!



Create a Wix Site for your Facebook Page & keep your fans updated! Be sure to set your site as your default tab!


Update your Wix site to keep your business looking fresh! Use the editor’s ‘Share’ button to update your fans on FB and Twitter!


More and more of your clients are browsing the web via smartphones! Create a Mobile-customized Wix website now!


‘Like’ & Follow are the new word of mouth! Add social links to your Wix site so your visitors can share your content!


Check your Wix site’s  navigation: Make sure your visitors can get to the heart of your content in no more than 3 clicks!


Add a QR code to your Wix site so visitors can see your mobile site. This way they can keep in touch on the go!


Adding Alt text to your images gives your website a great SEO boost!


If you’re a small business or an artist, it’s time you set up a free website / portfolio with Wix!


Select your website’s keywords wisely to make sure your Wix site comes up on relevant searches.


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