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Inspiration \ AUG 10th 2011

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Pet Lovers

We love pets. Since we love pets, we cheer for any new technology that can make our pet raising experience overall better. Whether you’re looking for a new pet or just interested in another way to enhance your daily pet related tasks, your smartphone has some great apps to offer. We’ve gathered this list to share with you the top 5 apps you should definitely look into. If you’re a pet lover/smartphone-fiend and have some more app recommendations, please share them with us!


MiPets stores all your valuable pet information such as basic info, veterinary, medication and registration. You can also use it to locate services for pet hospitals and pet stores in the nearby area which is a great help if you’re taking your pet with you on your vacation. Another feature it has is photo storing from your photo library or from your camera and it enables you to send the photos by email or to upload them to Facebook. This way you can make sure your friends and family will never miss out on another adorable cat getting tangled in yarn episode.

Visit MiPets page



You’re a busy person and sometimes getting a dog walker is the best solution for making sure Benji has all his doggy needs fulfilled; sounds great. But you also need to stay up to date and know exactly which of Benji’s need were met and when, so that when you get back home, no detail is left missing. DogiDuty is just the app for you. Your dog walker or dog-sitter will send you updates to let you know whether Benji drank or ate, did #1 or #2. The notes section also allows other general necessary info. Once you get into a routine using this app it saves on the hassle of phone calls.
If you are a dog walker yourself, get this app and send your clients updates. Your recipients only need a regular email account to get your reports.

Visit DogiDuty page

DogiDuty smartphone app


If you’re on the market for a new pet, PetFinder is worth looking into. Browse through profiles of thousands of pets from over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups to find just the pet you were looking for. PetFinder has a clean and fun UI that lets you narrow down the selection according to location, breed, age gender and size. It also won quite a few recognitions, making it into the Time Magazine Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2010. And in any case, we appreciate what it does since it helps many stray dogs and cats find a loving home.

Visit PetFinder page

PetFinder smartphone app


iFindToto is a great helper in finding a lost pet. In case your dog or your kitty have decided to wander off on their own, you can send out phone alerts to your neighbors and ask them to be on the lookout. You can also post pictures of roaming cats and dogs you find and pet owners will then search the database for an opportunity to find their lost pet. It allows you to enter all the pet information including a description of the collar they have on, time and location of when you found them and offer your help to the pet owning community.

Visit iFindToto page

smartphone lost pet finder

Talking Tom Cat

And finally, what if you love pets but your landlord doesn’t allow them in the apartment? Until you move to a new place, there’s just the right smartphone solution for you… Talking Tom cat. This funny app and the entire Talking Friends series of cartoon apps have become very popular, generating more than 135 million downloads from the Apple App Store in less than a year. Tom cat will respond to your finger’s touch when you pet him, poke him or pull his tail. He will also repeat everything you say in a funny voice. All right, it’s no substitution, but still a fun to have free app:-)

Visit Talking Tom Cat Page

Talking Tom App for smartphone

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