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Web Design \ AUG 31st 2011

Showcase of 10 Creative Wix Sites

“But All small business websites look alike, right?”


Small business websites come in many flavors, shapes and sizes. They can be black & white, bursting with color, modern or vintage looking, static, animated, the list goes on and on. But one thing that all small business websites share is that they’re normally created under a tight budget. And this is exactly where a little creativity goes a long way. Using just a little but of imagination can turn your small business website from another dime-a-dozen website into a visually powerful website.

Along those lines, here are 10 especially creative Wix sites that should jumpstart your imagination and stratch your creative muscles:

Design: London-based Astrixxx portrays a beautiful collection of Photos and Digital Art using a minimalistic straight-forward style.

Music: Brett Newski’s website features music samples, photo galleries and a road blog. The beautiful illustrations sure inspire a warm nostalgic feel.

Film and Animation: You don’t have to overload your website with features to make it look good. Ross Vernon pulls it off with a simple clean-cut design, giving his animations and films the respect and space they deserve.

Audio: Sound engineering never seemed so fascinating. Edgar Jaramillo uses illustrations to present his studio and equipment. Put together with the background, it has an electrifying feel.

Design: Rix’ Studio is set inside an old radio set, which makes for smooth navigation and a classic ole’ feel.

 Art and Design: This site is not only about art – it’s an artifact in itself. It exhibits John Dee‘s works, and also uses his illustrations as navigation icons. Anyone who’s into computer games and 3-D art will definitely appreciate it.

Illustration: Kitty Poduska’s website is dreamlike, using big fonts and surreal illustrations. Magic Realism and Tumblr fans – this one’s for you.

Jewelry: Just as the name implies, Littlethankyous is an online gift shop for children. Its subtle design compliments its ecological agenda.

Health: This site spells out ‘organic’. With a simple yet elegant look, theWholeFoodco conveys the concept of health using a fresh green and invigorating Turquoise.

Food and Wine:  The row of wine bottles at Bienvenido’s header whets your palate by projecting a fictional bar. Chin chin!

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