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Small Business Tips \ AUG 2nd 2011

Coworking Is The New Networking

Free shared work space in New York

Every freelancer and self-employed professional deals with this problem sooner or later. Where do you go when you’re officeless? Working from home is convenient, but so distracting; working from a café is nice, but so impractical. And besides, it can get quite lonely when it’s just you and the laptop. The solution is as simple as it is brilliant – shared working spaces.

These spaces are ideal for the professional of the new era – writers, designers, developers, bloggers, online shop owners, affiliate marketers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and anyone whose contract doesn’t come with a permanent office. For these people, renting an office space is both expensive and unnecessary. They don’t need much more than a computer and an internet connection to get work done.

So what happens in the shared spaces? Basically, you rent a desk by the hour, day, week or month. Most shared working spaces provide all the facilities that exist in a regular office. There are different kinds of contracts for the desks, but it is always more worthwhile than renting an office of your own.

Shared work space

Coworking in Tokyo

What’s So Cool About Shared Working Spaces?

  • First and foremost, shared working spaces offer a completely set up office space. They are equipped with everything that the self-employed digital-professional needs. Most spaces also offer professionals like artists, musicians or photographers an option to rent a space that fits their special needs.
  • Renting a spot in a shared space usually costs money, but when you do the math, 8 hours at a café cost more. You also don’t have to worry about the waiters kindly or unkindly asking you to leave. You pay for the desk and that’s that, and the coffee is almost always included in the price.
  • The biggest advantage that a shared working space has to offer is the community and the atmosphere. You get to share a room with driven folks who always have an interesting project going on; you communicate your ideas with other professionals; you get involved in events that you never would have heard of otherwise; you go out to lunch with the office buddies; you might even find leads for new clients and gigs! In a nutshell – you rent a desk, but you get a whole lot more than that.
Shared work space

Coworking in Berlin

The Wix Lounge NYC: Free Co-working Space & More

Free shared work space in New York

Wix Lounge - Co-working in New York

The concept of shared working spaces is more than just an occupational arrangement. It’s a set of ideas and values about liberating the work place and joining professional efforts. Wix is proud to stand for these values and to promote them with our very own shared space – the Wix Lounge in New York, which has just celebrated its one year birthday.

The Wix Lounge is a one-stop-shop for the creative professional that is always on the go. It’s a place where Wix users and non-Wix users can be a part of a local network where something is always up. And yes, it is FREE!

The co-working space is just one part of the Lounge. There are numerous  exciting events taking place – everything from meet-ups (of the digital kind), through Wix workshops and discussions with entrepreneurs to fashion shows and yoga sessions. You can join open events or suggest an event of your own. The Lounge is about getting together and sharing ideas and inspiration, so we’re keeping an open mind for anything that can contribute to that atmosphere.

If you happen to be in NYC, we’d love to host you at the Wix Lounge and show you how shared working spaces are changing the work culture.

Free shared work space in New York

Wix Lounge Meet-up

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