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Small Business Tips \ AUG 8th 2011

How Social Media Can Land You Your Next Job

Job search on social networks

Going through the classifieds in the newspaper is a thing of the past. The new job market is an online market: Job-searching portals, “Jobs” or “Careers” sections on companies’ websites, online recruitment agencies and so forth.  But there’s one online venue that often goes unnoticed by job seekers, probably because it sits right under their nose.  Most social media consumers consider their Facebook profile or their Twitter channel as a hang-out place, but social networks are also the perfect spot to look for and land your very next job. Here’s how.

LinkedIn – Where Profiles are CV’s
Job hunt on social networks
If there’s one social network where looking for a job is a prescribed rule, it’s LinkedIn. This network targets professionals as its main audience, aiming to bring them together with other professionals for purposes of communication, idea-exchange, and, yes, job-search.

LinkedIn has a great search engine for open positions. It gives both job seekers and employers opportunities to promote themselves. It’s an amazing place to actively go looking for a job, but even better – gathering recommendations, posting a detailed CV and participating in relevant groups and discussions (which might get you noticed without even trying!).

When Brands Go Social
Job hunt on social networks
Did you know that AT&T has a separate Twitter channel only for job openings? Have you seen the “Starbucks Jobs” app for Facebook? Yea, that’s right. Brands already figured out that social media is a HR goldmine, so they are coming to YOU, trying to recruit employees at their very own virtual backyard.

This makes the job hunt on social media even easier. You hear about open positions straight from the employer and gain immediate contact by liking, following, befriending or circling. No more feeling embarrassed about nagging the big company with your CV and phone calls – the company is looking for you and they’re making it perfectly clear.

Job hunt on social networks

The Proactive Search

On social networks, you can take things into your own hands when looking for work and let it be known that you are currently searching. Here are a few tips:

  • Posting something general like “looking for job” will not cut it. Be specific and mention your field of expertise, the type of work you’re interested in and if possible, your previous experience in short.
  • Instead of posting the same job-search status every other day, be creative – post about a job interview you just had, or about updating your CV. People will still get the message.
  • If you actively use your personal profile to look for work, it needs to be somewhat presentable. Use your full name and leave certain photos out.
  • You might want to post content that relates to your line of work. It will not only be a display of knowledge, it can also attract the attention of potential employers.
  • If you’re discretely looking for a job and still want to use social networks, be careful! Google+ allows you to share info within certain circles, but most networks don’t.
Job hunt on social networks

Not how you should start your job hunt

Online CV for the Online Job Hunt

Want to keep it simple for potential employers to learn more about your skills and experience? Create an online CV and post it on your social networks profile. This way, they’re just one click away from making a better acquaintance with you.

This online CV may contain samples of your work, recommendations from previous employers, and a description of your vision as an employee and colleague. It is extremely helpful for occupations that require portfolios (photographers, designers, architects, models, etc.), or for occupations of a digital nature, where such a CV acts as proof of savviness.

You can easily create a professional and impressive online CV using the Wix editor. Check out these tips to learn how!

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