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Art & Photography \ AUG 24th 2011

Best Photo Editing & Sharing Apps for Smartphones

Passing by a funny scene in the street? Your cat is doing something awfully cute? You just discovered there’s a rainbow in the city’s skyline?  These are moments that can’t be missed.  Thanks to your smartphone, they won’t be.  Not to mention that your friends, family (and the rest of the world) will be able to witness and celebrate your biggest moments.

In this spirit of sharing, we want to inform you about a few smartphone apps that will make photo sharing easy and fun.


Color, launched in late March this year, is one of a special breed. It’s a location-based, photo-sharing app that lets users see all  the photos that are being taken by friends and strangers who happen to be within a 150-foot radius of the user’s smartphone. Photos that you see through Color are yours to keep and you can comment on other people’s photos and receive comments.  Generally you can get to know people in your area, by seeing through their lens. Wow.

Color smartphone app


Photovine is Google’s new photo sharing app for smartphones. A “vine” is started when you or someone else upload a photo and give it a caption to define a topic.  Then other users upload photos under the same caption.  For example, say you upload photos from your recent camping trip and give it the caption “adventures from the wilderness”. Other people seeing your photos can add pictures to the vine that relates to the caption you chose. Users can share their own Photovine content on other social media channels and are also able to import content from their social channels into Photovine. Interesting.

Photovine app


What about some styling before sharing? Snapbucket is an app that lets you add some extra look & feel to your photos. It’s a quick and painless installation and once the app is on your phone you can start snapping shots right away. As you go, Snapbucket offers a set of effects and filters you can use to add more zest to your images.  Go from black and white to vintage or add some purple glitter to your party photos.  Once you’re done styling you can share your creation using Facebook and Twitter.

Snapbucket app for smartphone


Pholeido is a sharing app and network that lets you edit your photos and fun effects.  Styling and enhancement tools are plenty and many of them let you take a humorous approach. You can add funny texts, decorate with strange objects and fine frames, or even twist people’s faces. After you’ve completed your artistic piece, click to share your photos on Pholeido, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr at once. Fun.

Pholeido smartphone app


Photogrid is a cool app that lets you convert your photos collection into collages. It’s also intuitive and simple to use. Turn your “day at the beach” or your “office party bloopers” photo collections into collages before you free them for the world to see.  Also, if you’re using another app like Snapbucket, you can take photos that you’ve added effects to and easily turn them into a collage on Photogrid. You’ll never be bored again.

Photogrid App

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