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Small Business Tips \ AUG 16th 2011

10 Tips To Increase Sales On Your Online Shop

You know how supermarkets place products near the cash register or check-out line in order to maximize sales? Online shop owners are also facing the challenge of maximizing profits on their stores. The online shopping environment – granted- but the principle remains the same: enhacing your visitors’ experience to increase sales.
Seeing more and more Wix users who set up an online shop using the eCommerce package, we collected 10 valuable tips to help you increase your sales online:

1. Shopping is a Holistic Exprience
eCommerce site

More than just a shopping cart

There’s more to Online shops than just a shopping cart and “Buy Now” buttons. When you create an eCommerce site, you need to pay attention to the mood conveyed by all its elements. Don’t neglect the ‘About’ page or the ‘Contact’ sections. Choose a style that corresponds with your products and stick to it all the way through.

2. Product Details
eCommerce site

Detailed product description

Describe your products to your customers in detail – size, materiel, fabric, weight, volume – anything that might be valuable for them. Adding details will also protect you against refundable returns. We also recommend that you use luring adjectives: vintage, psychedelic, handmade, collectible, natural, redreshing, etc. Don’t forget that your clients cannot actually see the product and it is the way you describe it that makes it come alive for them.

3. Images
eCommerce site

More images – more impact

Give your customers a multi-dimensional view of your products by displaying several images of one product. High quality images are absolutely crucial so you might want to consider hiring a professional commercial photographer to take them.

4. Add Product Badges
eCommerce Site

Highlighting products with badges

Badges are perfect for making a single product stand out. They can indicate a new product, a discount, a top selling item and more. Make sure you use them sparingly for a full-effect.

5. Sales & Incentives
eCommerce site

Use incentives

Give your clients the feeling that shopping in your online store saves them money. Offer special deals and time-limited sales. Don’t forget to promote these deals by highlighting them on your site’s homepage, as well as by promoting them on your social networks, email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

6. Text Sells
eCommerce site

Textual description is powerful

Images are vital, but a well-written line can also be important in the selling process. It can be a description of the product’s cutting-edge technical abilities; the story behind a photo; or an expert’s tip on how to best use an item.

7. Categorize

Display your products in categories

Don’t display a mass of products in one gallery. It’s confusing and tiring for your clients. Make it easy for them to find what they want by splitting your items into different categories.

8. Socialize Your Store
eCommerce site

Add social share buttons

Make sure your clients can easily access your social network channels from your store. Adding a “Like” or “+1” buttons to your store will turn your clients into promotional agents that help spread the word about your products.
9. Featured Products
eCommerce site

Featured item

Highlighting one product is not only a way to get rid of old stock, it also shows your clients that your store is dynamic and updating. The featured product can be related to seasons, holidays or major events. The most important thing is that it keeps changing.

10. Good Product Display
eCommerce site

Harmonic display of gallery and single product

It’s important that your clients are able to navigate between products with ease. To make things easy for them make sure that the the single product display always offers a quick way to view other products.

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