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Web Design \ AUG 3rd 2011

10 Special-effect Wix Sites to Inspire You

Sure, Web design is about a personal vision, something made manifest in a way that everyone can see and share — and with which they’ll hopefully interact.

But when you’re building an Internet environment, sometimes a little inspiration prompts a fresh take on what it means to dress up the WWW. Along those lines, here are 10 especially clever Wix-based sites that should help spark a new idea or two when you sit down to build:

Design & Art: It’s easy to showcase images in simple rows or grids of boxes. German Lopez creates a whole world, however. His ideas flicker on screens and hover in the air.


Business: Hannah Heller creates an almost tactile world of notebooks and snapshots, a kind of virtual artist’s workshop.


Photography: From the home page on, the site makes certain that Cornelis Van Wieren’s architectural images are immediate, generous, and immersive. Intelligently organized by theme and always on a scroll bar.

Cornelis Van Wieren

Show Business: Actress-novelist Petra Bryant pulls off a risky non-text-nav front end that brings visitors into a slightly magical setting that seems to tell you where to click by icons and visual ideas.


Web design: Actress and web designer Deborah Foreman uses beautiful images and illustrations and is quite the master when it comes to using Wix effects.

Deborah Foreman

Painting: What better place to see a painter’s work than in a gallery. Reece Rawland takes you there and lets you put the canvasses on the wall.

Reece Rawland

Film: Little details make for fresh browsing. Witness filmmaker John Frederick Schindler III’s mouse-over character movements on the home page and look at how his clips appear in an old school TV on the Portfolio page.


Charitable Orgs: Buttons become their own moving graphical elements and content arrives in creative and surprising ways at 1America’s site. Plus there’s Bono and Mary J. Blige.


Illustration & Style: Two things stand out at Thiluu’s site: (a.) subtle use of sound; (b.) creative layering of text and images, with new menus that respond to clicks in surprising ways.


Publishing and Communications: Amsterdam-based Sproud uses graphical elements from the get-go — clickable pieces of illustration abound, but balanced with text-based buttons. Its artwork integrates all the elements into a cohesive whole.


Do you have a super-creative, elegant, or unusual Wix site of your own? Send a link and share your favorite design inspirations!

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