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Wix Updates \ JUL 14th 2011

Wix Picks of the Week # 1

Wix.com brings you its first weekly collection of affordable and fabulous finds on the web. Click, discover, stop and if you absolutely must – shop

Wix Picks of the Week

1. A unique modern laptop sleeve by casual luxury handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff. The keyboard’s texture looks heavenly!

Laptop Cover

1. Laptop sleeve by Rebecca Minkoff

2.This Ralph Lauren dog Polo shirt has a great fit and is a perfect buy for the summer. Buddy may prefer fake designer tees but we know better.

A little dog wearing a shirt

2. Ralph Lauren dog Polo shirt

3. Kids are always eager to help out in the kitchen. They love stirring, mixing, grating and measuring. This adorable set of kids kitchen tools also guarantees their safety with a special mitten for protection against sharp objects.

Children's Kitchen Set

3. Kitchen Kids

4.  Many people consider bread boxes as a thing of the past but for some people they’re part and parcel of a kitchen’s warm, lived-in feel. This vintage, rustic Bread box is available at Etsy for $32.

Vintage Bread Box

4. Vintage Bread Box

5. If you’re old enough to remember Cher signing “Half-Breed” dressed in jewels and feathers, you’ll sure appreciate this 1970’s Cher Barbie doll. The seller swears it was kept in a pet and smoke-free environment and was never removed from its box.

Cher's Barbie Doll

5. 70’s Barbie Cher doll

6. Kubrick fans, this is your weekend! An Alex from a Clockwork Orange stuffed doll can look great on your collection or make a wonderful gift to a fellow fan.

An Orange Clockwork's Doll

6. Alex from ‘Clockwork Orange’ doll

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