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Inspiration \ JUL 28th 2011

Showcase: Art Inspired Hairstyles

When it comes to coiffures, so often it’s hair today, gone tomorrow. But when it comes to hairstyles and art, the strands of both kind can intertwine in ways that last a lot longer.

Whether it’s an iconic movie character’s cine-bun hairdo, or a glammy pop star’s architectural locks, or even enthusiastic imitators of cartoons and arty objects, the way we wear our hair is often shaped by what we see.

Here’s a dozen — in no particular order — of some of the coolest, weirdest, wildest, and most iconic hair that’s ever topped a head.

The queen of wild hair, at least in the early 21st Century, is inarguably Lady Gaga. For crying out loud, they made a hat out of her hair.

Lady Gaga's Hair

If it’s good enough for the queen, reasons Lorenzo Riva, then it’s good enough for the runway. Here’s how renowned fashion designer coiffed his models in 2010 — Gaga-inspired, no doubt — via Stylelist.com.

Lorenzo Riva's Styling 2010

Another lady altogether — Lady Liberty — inspired the shape-top look: witness the punked-out liberty spike (as captured by HairStylesHot.com).

Liberty Spikes Hair Style

In the 1970s, it was a princess that (mane-ly) caught our attention: Princess Leia.

Leia's Hair

Fantasy continues to inform hairstyles. Anime fans break out the bright colors to get their favorite characters right.

Anime Hair

Television characters make the cut, too — from Peggy Bundy to Marge Simpson, as these enthusiasts show.

Simpson & Bundy Hair

What about the boys? Well, if you’ve spent any time outside in the past year, you’ve surely seen what emo-star Biebs has done to the bobs.

Bieber Hair

Of course, not all guy-singers are shorn the same way. There was a time when The Cure’s slightly messier Robert Smith was the face of emo: FanPop captures him at his stringiest.

Robert Smith Hair

Speaking of strings, sometimes the inspiration for the arty hair is the instrument itself (seen on Sharenator.com).

Violin Hair

Sculpting shapes over a pretty face doesn’t stop at violins, either. This model gets the giraffe (via HairStylesX).

Goat Head Hair

Not that the sculpted look needs to be objects or animals, as Grace Jones demonstrates.

Grace Jones Hair

Your last stop is an arty chop from the start of the last century — Josephine Baker’s slick deco-top from the 1920s.

Josephine Baker Hair

And that’s hot hair. Have a style to share? Send along your shots of art-inspired hair, share what makes your shortlist!

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