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Inspiration \ JUL 31st 2011

Hot Trends in iPhone Covers

Do you ever get the feeling your iPhone is not as trendy as you feel you are? Sure, you have all the right apps and everything, but the dark mysterious stranger sitting next to you in the café will know the truth about you after taking quick glance at your soulless iPhone cover. In order to help you on your journey towards colorful living, we came up with a quick guide for the iPhone’s most important accessory – its cover. We’ll start with the first 3 basic trends that’s been  keeping us busy lately, and maybe continue indulging you with less socially acceptable choices next time.

Retro design never fails
Did you ever meet a 70’s item that wasn’t cool? Of course you didn’t. The rule of thumb is that everything that is 70’s is automatically cool. Having said that, here are a few examples:

iPhone 4 case leica

Retro Calculator

Retro Radio Case


Cassette Cover

White Gameboy

Art comes in many shapes and sizes. One of these sizes is 4.5 on 2.31 inch!  Illustrators of the world – unite! What is an iPhone if not a blank canvas?
Inspiring designs for iPhones can be found at Society6, an online store that  prints the design you choose on the cover of your iPhone, laptop, t-Shirt, you name it. The variety is outstanding. Here are a few examples, all by artist Terry Fan.

Terry Fan

Feeling a little artsy yourself? Hours of fun guaranteed at I make my case, where with a dash of help from professional designers, you can create your own custom-made cover. Btw, you can choose from a big variety of smartphones, not just iPhone.

I make my case

Here is the Wix Team’s creation, inspired by artist Matt W.Moore.

i Make My Case example

We covered the 70’s, but let’s not forget the important role the 80’s played in the history of anti-design. Everything that is “too much” belongs to the 80’s school of ‘more is more’. Once you set your mind to it, a little bit (or a lot) of bling is a great idea. Here are some designs you’ll find hard to ignore.

Swarovski Teddy Bear case

Rhinestone Crystal Shoe

Remember! Our Smartphone’s cover speak for us when we can’t. Proceed with caution!

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