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Wix News \ JUN 23rd 2011

The Wix Lounge: NYC’s Hot Spot for Your Events

Artsy, talented and undeniably broke? Welcome to the Wix Lounge, home of aspiring, new and struggling creative professionals and entrepreneurs in Chelsea.  The Wix Lounge was founded in 2010 with the intention of supporting NYC creatives by giving them a place to co-work and a hot spot to showcase and exhibit their work.

Wix Lounge

Over the past year the Wix Lounge hosted many art, tech and culture events.

Jenny Blake, a California based writer, recently celebrated her first book launch there: “I’m an author from California who has taken a 3-month unpaid leave from work to go on a self-funded book tour.  It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to have a book launch party in New York City (a la Carrie Bradshaw), but I had no idea how I could afford to throw such a party — even event spaces in the Bay Area (with nowhere near the cache of NYC) were asking for minimums of $5K and $10K. When I first walked into the Wix Lounge I recall feeling mesmerized at the productivity heaven tucked away in Chelsea. Light, open, full of personality…FREE.”

Jenny Blake's Book Launch

Jenny Blake’s Book Launch @WixLounge

Jenny’s book launch party was a huge success with over 200 people attending and a larger-than-life cake (50 pound!) shaped like her book.

Next week the Wix Lounge is hosting an East Coast screening of Twittermentary, a unique documentary film about the extraordinary lives of everyday Twitter users.

If you’re a professional creative with great talent but no money, the Wix Lounge is here for you. Whether you’re dreaming of throwing a fashion show, photo exhibition, fundraiser party or an art class, the Wix Lounge team will be happy to consider your application and help you achieve your goals.

Alisha Trimble-Fashion Week Event | Wix Lounge

Alisha Timble’s Fashion Line @WixLounge

Internet Week Entrepreneurs Panel @WixLounge

Internet Week Entrepreneurs’ Panel @WixLounge

Alien Sighting @WixLounge

Alien Sighting @WixLounge

To learn more about free event hosting opportunities or to book an appointment, please email Lounge@wix.com.

Connect with @WixLounge

Connect with @WixLounge

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