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Small Business Tips \ JUN 21st 2011

Save Money with your Smartphone: 5 Top Coupon Apps

Smartphones do it all, don’t they? They get us in touch with the world around, online and offline, near or far. They keep us well organized and updated on most matters we care to check… And of course, they entertain us during those long moments on the bus or as we sit at the doctor’s waiting room.
There’s one more thing smartphones can do that makes them so darn special: they can save us cash!
With the great influx of online coupon services, it was only a matter of time before these money saving deals find a potential home on our smartphones. By today there are quite a few social buying, coupon and daily deal apps out there.  So how do you decide which one to choose? We’ve gathered a list of 5 recommended coupon apps to make your decision process easier.



Groupon is no blasting news, but for those of you still less familiar with it, Groupon is basically a group discount service.   It saves you money by coordinating deals with vendors in your area. When a certain number of people “buy” the Groupon, the deal is on and everyone is charged. If the limit for the deal is not met, no one gets charged.  It’s simple and effective.
The Groupon smartphone app works geographically depending on your location. The setup process is easy and after you enter your zip code, you will automatically be told what deals are in your area.


LivingSocial is considered Groupon’s main competitor and it boasts of being the fastest-growing company in the social-buying category.  Like Groupon, this smartphone app uses location-based software to create a list of discounts and deals in your area and offers group discounts to a variety of businesses.

The nicest thing about this app is the clean, simple interface, divided to four categories: daily deals, escapes, purchases and Settings.  Enter your zip code and you’re ready to go.
Coupon Sherpa


Coupon Sherpa is divided into two types of coupons — exclusive ones that are only available within the app, and coupons that retailers post online. The app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to automatically determine your location. So if you find yourself on a whimsical shopping spree, one that you could not have predicted this morning, connect to the app and find out the best deals available in your area.  You can also arrange coupons based on your favorite stores and filter out the rest of the deals.

Shopping Coupons by InfoMedia


Shopping Coupons is another source that brings together coupons and deals from thousands of retailers online.  What makes it unique is the fact that all the deals are reviewed and edited by real company employees and not automatic feeds, so the aim is to bring quality information to end users.  There are coupon deals in almost every known category and you get clear and full descriptions of the terms of the offer you select.

Coupon Cabin


Feel like staying in today? That doesn’t have to stop you from buying a few things…
Coupon Cabin is an app that aggregates coupons and deals from thousands of online and offline stores.  Plus, it has a cool feature that lets you add retailers yourself so if you run into a coupon not in the existing stock; you can share it with the rest of the users.

Please let us know if you have another favorite Coupon app in the comments below so we can add it to our next review. Happy Shopping!

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