Get Some Summer Loving From Wix: Biggest Sale Ever!

The summer of 2011 will go down in history as the summer of the craziest sale ever. We are offering amazing deals on ALL Wix upgrade packages for only three days.

What’s on the Summer Sale Menu?

  • 10% off the Connect Your Domain Package

  • 20% off the Combo Package (ads free & connect your domain)

  • 40% off the eCommerce Package (online shop, connect domain, ads free & more bandwidth)

  • 50% off the Unlimited Package (connect domain, ads free & more bandwidth)

So many deals, so little time! You have three days to choose the deal that suits you most and grab it!

It’s a Wix summer, baby :)

* Please note that all specials offers are valid for yearly upgrades only. Word from the wise: don’t forget to wear sunscreen and be sure to drink plenty of fluids (and yes beer counts too).

By The Wix Team


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