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Photography \ JUN 6th 2011

Gear Up for Professional Wedding Photography

The right gear for wedding photography

Photo by Karol Makula

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. If you have been hired to capture those moments through photography, then you have a responsibility to have equipment that is both reliable and can stand the challenge.

Let’s Talk Cash

Really great equipment can be expensive. If you feel like your own kit isn’t up to scratch, check out your local photography store to see if they rent equipment. This means you’ll get the best equipment for that special day without having to pay top dollar for it. It also gives you a chance to try out different pieces of equipment before buying them yourself.

The right gear for wedding photography

Photo by Thina Doukas


Large Aperture: A lens with a large maximum aperture of f/2.8 or larger can be a godsend for weddings. You’ll often be shooting inside, and there may be times when a flash isn’t appropriate. A wide aperture will help you to get the perfect shot.

Zoom: A zoom lens will help you to achieve the reportage style of photography that has become popular at so many weddings today. These shots often feel more natural and flattering than traditional staged photographs.

Telephoto Zoom: most couples won’t want a photographer popping up during the ceremony. You need to keep your distance from the happy couple while capturing all of their happiness. An image stabilizing telephoto zoom will help you to be discrete while still getting the perfect shot.

The right gear for wedding photography

Photo by Dani C


When it comes to taking photos the magic is all in the lens. While a great DSLR body can give you access to lots of different features there is no substitute for a good lens. You could shoot a wedding with an entry level body and a top-of-the-range lens. Could you do it vice versa? Absolutely not.

Always, always, always bring a backup. You don’t want to be the person who causes the bride to cry because your camera failed and you hadn’t thought to bring a backup. Everyone will hate you.

Flashes and Accessories

Speedlights: a speedlight will normally be enough for a wedding, provided you can bounce it off walls and ceils and aren’t firing it straight at the guests. You could create a more diffuse light with a diffusing dome, or even with a piece of tracing paper and some tape.

Extras: as well as a spare camera body you should also have backup batteries, memory cards and anything else that’s essential to your kit.

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