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Art \ JUN 12th 2011

Flesh 2.0: Web Inspired Tattoos

Facebook Tattoo

“susyj87” fake Facebook tattoo

A few days ago, blogs and online news sites were feverishly reporting the so-called “My Social Tattoo” scandal, a YouTube video uploaded by user “susyj87”. The video features a young woman in the process of being inked – with the profile pics of her 152 Facebook friends.

The reactions were extremely fierce – varying from shock to disdain to disgust. A couple of days later it was discovered that the video is actually a marketing hoax for a Dutch company, and that susyj87 was tattooed with temporary ink only. The video, spiraling all over the web, achieved the viral goal it was originally designed for.

A lot of people were relieved to see that our world has not yet gone so crazy, but actually, marking the body for eternity with symbols from popular websites is a growing trend.

Come to think of it, what’s so wrong with that? The web is omnipresent and the images, icons and symbols that we encounter online have a huge part in shaping our reality. Is it really so much stranger to tattoo a social media icon than a burning skull?

Check out these tattoos and decide for yourself:

Twitter user @critter is not the only one who likes the site’s error page, showing a cute whale gliding happily in the air while the birds carrying it are overworking themselves. No doubt, it’s a brilliant image, but would you tattoo it on your body?

Twitter Tattoo

via geekytattoos.com

And how about this unknown Twitter fan who has taken social networking to the next level?

Twitter Tattoo

Hardcore Twitter fans are not so hard to find, but how many people do you know who share Ed Morita’s passion for blogging platform WordPress?

Wordpress Tattoo

And let’s not forget rapper T-Pain, who dedicated his forearm to a public message about the human condition:

Facebook Tattoo

via @nbtpain (Twitter)

Apocalyptic visions of a future powered by Google might look something like this:

Powered by Google Tattoo

Just in case you were planning to be the first  show us Wix love and ink  – sorry to disappoint you!

Wix Tattoo

Fully-fledged Wix tattoo

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