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Wix News \ MAY 4th 2011

Give Your Business The Wix Triple Play Effect

Wix Triple Play Effect: Website, Facebook, Mobile

Every business owner knows that online presence is key to getting noticed. But what online presence means exactly? A few years back having a website and an active MySpace page were enough to establish a steady presence on the web. Today, however, business owners are facing a much changed web environment. We’re being told that if we don’t have a Facebook fan page we don’t exist; that if our websites aren’t mobile friendly we’re losing traffic and sales; that if our content isn’t optimized for SEO we might as well close shop.

Needless to say, all these new platforms and requirements don’t necessarily fit one’s budget and time constraints. And this is exactly where the Wix Triple Play offer saves you money, time and effort.

Wix is an online one-stop shop where you can create your web, Facebook AND mobile presence for absolutely free (and get the triple play effect…).

Wix for Facebook


Engaging Facebook fan pages are a critical component of your online presence but they have their limitations. They’re not easily customizable and coding to give them a similar ‘look & feel’ to your website can be a daunting task. However, the Wix Facebook templates allow you to integrate a fully functional Wix website into your fan page. Simply choose any of Wix’ Facebook templates and customize it to fit your needs. You can display galleries of your work, add forms, feature videos and much more. To sum it up, you can have a stunning Wix website embedded to your Facebook page helping you to easily turn it into a mega -branding and sales tool.

Wix for Mobile

People who use Smartphones don’t leave their house without them. Correction: They use their Smartphones to surf the net while in their homes as well. The popularity of these devices has made clear that online and mobile are a catholic marriage: inseparable but not necessarily in love.

Optimizing a website for Mobile browsing is a mission that requires time and expertise. With the Wix Mobile Wizard however, you mobile website can be good to go in minutes. Note, however, that you must create a regular Wix website before creating your mobile website.


Wix Websites

There are still many online activities that work best on a full screen. Some of the reasons for this are practical (more space) but another key reason is that people visit websites with a different state of mind than they do Facebook or Mobile sites. Wix’ website builder gives websites the added value people expect when surfing the traditional way. The websites are beautiful, full of visual stimuli and can be easily edited and updated.

Now go Triple folks, its totally worth it!

Already created your very own Wix trio? We’d love to see your creations. Share your links below and you could get featured on our blog.

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