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Ideas & Inspiration \ MAY 16th 2011

Extreme Website Makeovers: Folha Indigo

In December of 2010, Wix.com hosted the “Wix Holiday Wishes Giveaway”,  a contest that awarded 5 lucky winners the chance to win a free and professionally-designed website from a WixPro Designer. Using our social media channels, contestants were asked to answer one simple question: What’s Your Holiday Wish?

This is the story of one winner, Maiana Antunes and her Wix Pro Designer of choice, Martha Alicia González.

Name: Maiana Antunes
Location: Lajeado-RS, Brazil
Profession: Journalist
Website type: Business

“We launched Folha Indigo, a new Brazilian Lifestyle Magazine. We wanted our readers to be able to find more info on the magazine, so we needed a website. A friend started building our site but he never finished. The old website only had the magazine’s digital version. We needed more content, ‘about us’  info and ‘contact’ forms.” – Maiana Antunes

Maiana’s Website before the Makeover:

Maiana's site before the makeover

Enter Wix Pro Designer Martha Alicia González.

  Wix Pro Martha Alicia González Name: Martha Alicia González Izquierdo
Location: Acapulco, Mexico
Profession: Web designer
Arena Profile: https://arena.wix.com/kreamos“Maiana’s website was basic and outdated. It needed to be redesigned from scratch. Maiana decided she wanted a modern website with a mystical feel. Her main goal was to captivate visitors and make them want to subscribe to the magazine” – Martha Alicia

Design Process:

Martha Alicia began designing the site’s background with the following adjectives in mind: mystical, spiritual and contemporary.  After playing with some concepts, the Wix Pro found the image to tie all three concepts together: an eye. “For centuries eyes have been seen as windows to the soul, as a mystical and esoteric organ. They resonate with concepts like ‘inner vision’, supernatural insights and erotic energy”.  Martha Alicia also decided on using a blue color palette, a traditional ‘evil eye charm color’ in Mediterranean cultures.

Design Process I

The Challenge

Folha Indigo is dedicated to Life Style issues. Maiana needed to reach additional readership in Brazil and get visitors to subscribe to the magazine. The spiritual, yet still commercial message the website needed to transmit was the biggest challenge faced by Martha Alicia.

The Sweat

Maiana and Martha Alicia emailed each other several times along the design process. When the moment came to add the content, the speed slowed down a notch. Martha Alicia says that this happens a lot: “it’s very common for clients to take their time providing the final content for their websites”. Once the Wix Pro received all the text, she made the final touches to the navigation.

To Maiana, working with Martha Alicia was delightful. They understood each other from the beginning. “Martha Alicia captures what we want to say in a deep and thoughtful way,” says Maiana.

Maiana’s Site After the Makeover: https://www.wix.com/indigomaiana/indigo#!a-revista

Extreme Website Makeovers: Folha Indigo



Client’s satisfaction:

Maina's Testimonial



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