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Art \ MAY 5th 2011

Creating a Winning Package for Your Product

Many Wix users make and sell their own unique, handmade goods. As a seller of an original product, it’s important that your packaging is just as original. Packaging isn’t a last-minute technicality, it’s part of your branding and when done well can become an irreplaceable element of your business. People love to admire beautiful or special wrappings, be they colored, metallic, silky, wool or organic.

The Art Of Jewelry Packing

photo via Creature Comforts

Perhaps you wrap your product in brown paper and close it with a beautifully branded sticker. Maybe you include a personally written thank you note to the buyer. Whatever your style is, here are a few packaging tips to keep you on the right track:

1. The packaging should echo your brand’s motto. What message does your brand convey? Innovation? creativity? great value?  fun?

2. Make sure the packaging protects the content.

3. The material you use for packaging also speaks volumes of your product. Paper conveys echo-chick and an awareness to the environment. The same goes for carton. Plastic conveys practicality and safety. Metal conveys lucrative restraint, etc.

4. Provide clear instructions on how to open the product (if relevant).

5. Stay in your budget restraints but think big. A special edition of Reservoir Dogs came in a metal container shaped like a petrol can.

Jewelry Packing is an Art

photo via Creature Comforts

This is a short, intimate (and soothing) video created by jewelry maker, For Me For You.  It’s a beautiful peek into one seller’s packing process:

moving photo: jewelry packing from karmaticoma on Vimeo.

This video is also a piece of marketing genius. Don’t know about you but after watching this video, we wanted one of those personally assembled items to be sent our way!

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