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Art \ APR 25th 2011

Wix Website Reviews: imbue’s Art Portfolio

Wix Website Review IMBUE
The subject at hand is, as you may have guessed, the art website created by imbue, a full time artist based in Brighton, UK. imbue’s interdisciplinary work includes, among other crafts, plastic art, urban art, and prints.Imbue’s is a 6-pages website:

  • 3 pages include galleries of art work
  • 1 page redirecting to an online shop
  • 1 related links page
  • 1 contact page

Wix website review


The site is divided into two elements:

  • A fixed column on the left, which includes the logo, menu, news feed and contact info.
  • A dynamic set of mini pages that changes according to browsing.

This structure creates a clear and helpful guide for visitors. A typical visitor, reviewing from left to right, first encounters the column’s “center of command”. Directly afterwards, they acknowledges and are free to browse the actual content as they see fit.

The size proportion of both elements is absolutely perfect for this purpose. While it is clear that all the action takes place on the mini-page square, the column on the left is still large enough to distinguish itself as a major part of the website.


The navigation from page to page is extremely simple and friendly. A click on the logo will take you to the homepage, which is a great plus. Browsing within the different galleries is smooth and easy, which is critical to an online portfolio.

What’s  not entirely clear is the text featured on the buttons. There are three buttons leading to galleries – Work, Street & Photos. For visitors who aren’t familiar with imbue’s art, this division may seem confusing, since  “Work” can also apply to street art and photography. Also, the “Photos” button can indicate a gallery of photography art work, but in fact this is not what the page is about.

Another issue is the “Shop” page, which is basically an image linking to an external site. Linking to external sites is just fine, but creating an entire page just for the sake of linking to another site is simply not necessary (especially when Wix’s online shop feature is available!).

Wix website review

Looks and Charm

Imbue’s site is simply beautiful. It has that seductive minimalist cut with just enough color to keep it lively; choice of font is appropriate; the proportions of all site components and dimensions is accurate. In short, everything is just in the right size, form, color and location – two thumbs and a pinkie up!

Speedy Tips

  • Where’s the bio page? We hardly know anything about imbue. Even a short introduction on the homepage would do.
  • How about combining the Links page with the Contact page? They’re both a little skim.
  • Imbue’s site has lot of Facebook Likes. That’s great! Why not leverage that popularity and display the Wix site on Facebook itself?

Wix website review

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