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Wix News \ APR 10th 2011

Just Created With Wix Mobile!

If you’re one of the lucky 75,000 users who got an early peek to Wix.com’s new Mobile Wizard, congratulations! You’re no doubt creating your new Wix Mobile site as we speak.

Although Wix Mobile was quietly released to a limited number of users, we’ve already had tremendous response to the Wizard. Our users are creating unique mobile-friendly websites, offering a multitude of services in all major world languages (and some distant ones too :)). To give you a taste of what’s coming, we put together a nice collection of Wix Mobile sites created in the last 24 hours by Wix users. We think these early adopters have done an outstanding job and are proud to debut their websites here on the Wix Blog.

Oh and BTW, if you don’t have a Smartphone yet and feeling a little left out, make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook fan page in the coming weeks. Your troubles might soon be over.

Wix Mobile Showcase Capital Cigar Rollers

Capital Cigar Rollers

Wix Mobile Showcase Niki Brown Photographer

Niki Brown, Photographer

Wix Mobile Showcase: Katikati Bird Gardens

Katikati Bird Gardens

Wix Mobile Showcase: 2for1 VIP Club

2for1 VIP Club

Wix Mobile Showcase Conffeti Events

Conffeti Events (Israeli Site)

Wix Mobile Showcase MikeStog.Com

Mike Stog Photography

Wix Mobile Showcase MPS Painting Specialists

MPS Painting Specialists

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