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Photography \ APR 19th 2011

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps

Being a photographer wasn’t always easy. It is now. No more hard training, expensive equipment and long hours in the dark room. All that’s required in order to get creative is… an iPhone. With the flood of photography apps hitting the market, we gathered around the Wix Blog’s official choice of  9 must-have photography apps. If you feel you know better – educate us!

1 # Hipstamatic

Designed in the inspiration of the mythological LOMO camera, the Hipstamatic app gives you the ultimate vintage experience. Here you can choose which lens, film or flash you want to use with the help of a genius and playful interface.
Like most photography apps, Hipstamatic gives best results when used outdoors and in natural light. Unlike other apps where you first take your pictures and only then add manipulations, Hipstamatic requires that you choose your lens and film first. It sure evokes that nostalgic feeling of excitement from the unknown we had before the digital camera era. Good thing it takes only 3 seconds to develop, unlike those pictures you took on your nephew’s birthday in 1987.

Tip: Feeling adventurous? Instead of choosing your lens, film and flash, simply shake the camera and let it randomly choose them for you! Need more tips and inspiration? Check out the app’s blog.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: Hipstamatic

2 # Instagram

What is it that makes Instagram so hellishly addictive? Its sharing options? Almost every app has social networks sharing feature. Its catalog of filters? Again – not the first or last app to have it. Yet something about Instagram makes it one of the best photography apps on your app store. In a normal world, this is where Flickr should have been king: you choose interesting photographers to follow, fav their pictures, comment and watch their stream (or “feed”). But the mobile world clearly leans towards Instagram.
Unlike Hipstamatic, here you can only handle one picture at a time. You can either take a picture or upload one from your library, choose the desired filter post-shooting, then tag it for location and share it with the world.

Tip: “Earlybird” filter never fails. Also – use the “Tilt-shift” wisely. Not everything needs to be in and out of focus.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: Instagram

3 # 8mm

This app is great for taking vintage videos with your iPhone. Although this post deals with still photography, this app is way too cool to be left out. 8mm lets you shoot clips with a variety of vintage filters, like 70’s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, and 1920. The real beauty is that you are viewing it in real time and can switch between filters while recording. The clips you shoot can be either saved in your library or uploaded straight to YouTube! Viva!

Tip: On the bottom right you’ll find the jitter button. Try it.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: 8mm

4 # IncrediBooth

Do you remember that day you and your best friend had your picture taken in the photo booth? Ugh, the memories… Well, now, with the help of this cool app, the guy standing next to you on the elevator can be your best friend . Choose a filter, make sure you look great (You are beautiful, no matter what they say), click to take a photo and change pose after every flash. Like in a real photo both! He he.

Tip: Posing doesn’t come naturally for everyone. If you don’t know what to do when the photo booth does its thing, you can always practice these 4 winning poses: #1 Lift one eyebrow #2 look away from the camera, as if caught in a moment of reflection #3 Send a small mysterious smile while looking at the lens directly #4 Bite your lower lip and look confused (or, even better – sexy).

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: My-Photo-Strip

5 # 360Panorama

Overwhelming views like the wide ocean or a crowded beach party, don’t always translate well through our iPhone camera. That’s what 360 Panorama is here to solve. Good natural light and a still hand is all you need with this app. The process of taking a picture using 360Panorama resembles a video shoot – the picture is slowly compiled from data it “collects”.

Tip: Don’t forget you took this picture with your iPhone so don’t expect to enlarge it and hang it on your living room wall.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: 360Panorama

6 # Double Exposure

This app will set your inner artist free. It’s very easy to use, but the result looks like something you spent hours working on. All you need to do is choose, or take 2 pictures and it will do the rest.

Tip: You’ll want to choose one picture that has a blank background, so the combined image will look good. If you’d like to get a nice effect, the main object should be in color and the secondary object in black and white.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: dxp

7 # ComicStrip

This app was created for those moments in life that require subtitles. Every set of pictures could be turn into a funny comic strip, using the inevitable selection of “ouches”, “WOWs!” and thought bubbles.

Tip: For maximum fun don’t leave anything to luck – take the pictures straight from the app so you can best pose them.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: ComicStrip

8 # Photoshop express

Adobe’s contribution for iPhone can be found in the app they developed especially for the quick touch-ups one needs. You can crop, straighten, change exposure, contrast and much more in matter of seconds. This is a must (and free!) app to every amateur iPhone photographer!

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: Photoshop

9 # Labelbox

Another (iPhone) photographer’s first aid tool is this cool app that allows you to label your pictures with colorful and funny tags. This is extremely important for the well organized among us who need to know when, where and why the picture was taken and also for those of us that just can’t get enough.

Best 9 iPhone Photography Apps: LableBox

Now go get creative!

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