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Wix News \ APR 11th 2011

19 year-old Wix User Living on Hope: Come Together and Help!

Whitney Mitchell

The Wix Arena is a directory of professional Wix designers offering a full line of web and graphic design services at affordable prices. Officially known as ‘Wix Pros’, this team has successfully completed hundreds of design projects ranging in scope from elementary to complex.  But nothing prepared Sissi Fletcher, an experienced Wix Pro Designer, to the email she received on January this year:

From Trisha's email

“I wasn’t sure if it was real at first,” says Sissi, “but after checking it out, I was stunned”.  The person behind the email was Patricia Kirven, a single mom of three from Dallas, Tx. Her daughter, the fresh high-school grad Whitney Mitchell, had just had all her four limbs amputated due to a severe septic shock, caused by an unknown infection.

Whitney Mitchell Photo of Whitney and mom

Sissi was overwhelmed reading Patricia’s email: “I’m a mother. It literally broke my heart.  I know what it’s like to have a healthy child one day, then, suddenly that same child is facing a life-threatening illness. It’s devastating”.  Sissy knew what she was talking about. 11 years earlier her own son, Dillon, was diagnosed with a rare blood vessel inflammation that nearly cost him his life: “I empathized with Trisha because I knew exactly how she felt. That sense of helplessness when your world is turned upside down and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help you child is like – well, drowning”.  Sissi decided to act. She introduced the story to the Wix Pro community and had amazing response and offers to help design Whitney’s website. Eventually, Sissi paired up with Wix Pro Jocelyn Riley and together the two designers created a  Wix website for Whitney pro-bono.

Waiting in Dallas, Tx, Trisha couldn’t believe the good news: “I was definitely surprised to hear back from Sissi so quickly and what was more surprising was that she offered to donate her services for free! I was so touched by her kindness”.  Whitney too, was touched by Sissi’s reaching out to her: As Patricia recounts, “She [Whitney] said, ‘I love it mom! Someone did that just for me?’. She still finds it hard to believe that someone would do something that nice for her. I told her she’s very special and loved!”.

Whitney Mitchell Website

When Wix.com learned of Whitney’s story, her story triggered an outpouring of sympathy from company employees. Wix.com’s Marketing VP, Omer Shai, says: “we were deeply moved by Whitney’s story. It is not every day that we’re brought so close to a reality we normally only hear about on the news”. The company is sponsoring Whitney’s site and will continue to do so.

Whitney recently came back home from rehab but still has a long road to recovery. Her mom is trying to arrange a fundraiser where they hope they’ll be able to get the resources needed for prosthetics and additional medical care:  “any donation, big or small CAN make a difference,” explains Patricia. “We could use any help in our pursuit to give Whitney a chance to live a life of independence”.

If you too were moved by Whitney’s story, please click here to donate to her online trust fund. You can also send cards to Whitney Mitchell c/o Patricia Kirven, P.O.Box 452468, TX 75045 -2468.

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