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How To's \ MAR 3rd 2011

Redesign Your Website Part II: Homepage, Revised

Web Design How To

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On our last post we discussed some key points to consider before redesigning your website. However, what if you’re generally happy with your website but feel that your homepage needs updating? This post will teach you how to update your homepage without spoiling its current design.

1# Why Should I Update my Homepage?

A business is a dynamic entity that constantly adapts to and interacts with changes. For example, it’s Easter so your business offers a special 2 for 1 offer: shouldn’t you stick a coupon on your homepage? The same principles applies to a new product you recently launched or an upcoming event you’d like to promote.  A dynamic homepage that updates every now and then sends your audience a message that your business is alive, up-to-date and evolving.

2# Updating your Homepage the Easy Way

Updates usually require minor design work but do merit caution. Adding even a single element to your website  might and most likely will affect the entire page’s composition.

You need to use a visual language that doesn’t damage your current web design. The new additions need to sit well with the existing elements, without blending in completely. After all, visitors should still be able to quickly pick up on them.

Take a look at these two samples and see for yourself:
Web Design How To
Web Design How To

3# Guidelines for Updating your Homepage

  • Stick to the same fonts and colors you’re using elsewhere
  • Make sure you place the new element in a non-obtrusive way
  • Think about your homepage’s character (Flashy? Minimalist? Grungy? Classy?) and make sure the new item fits in
  • The text you add should be concise but sharp. You want to attract attention and provoke the visitor to click
  • The new item may be relevant for a limited period of time; make it easy to remove or modify

A Practical Thought

There are specific features in the Wix editor designed for speedy post-publishing additions. Notes, Areas and Shapes allow you to easily add sections without having to change the original design too much.

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