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Web Design \ MAR 2nd 2011

Extreme Website Makeovers: Tails of a Mermaid

In December of 2010, Wix.com hosted the “Wix Holiday Wishes Giveaway”, a contest that awarded 5 lucky winners the chance to win a free and professionally-designed website from a Wix Pro. Using our social media channels, contestants were asked to answer one simple question: What’s Your Holiday Wish?

This is the story of one winner, Natalie Roos, and her Wix Pro of choice, Rachel West.


Name: Natalie Roos
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Profession: Television Presenter, Part-time Freelance Make-Up Artist
Website type: Blog / Portfolio

“I had to switch up the look of my site to something professionally designed.  I was using a template and that wasn’t unique enough for me.  I wanted easier access to pictures and more detailed information.  I was also hoping to incorporate my blog a bit better.” – Natalie Roos

Natalie’s Site before the Makeover:

Natalie's Site Before the Makeover


Photo of Natalie's Site before the Makeover


Enter Wix Pro Designer Rachel West:

Name: Rachel West
Location: Corona, CA (Riverside County)
Profession: Web Designer
Arena Profile: https://arena.wix.com/pro/rachelcamille

“I would consider my design style as vintage chic, with a healthy dose of bohemian flair.  I create work that illuminates nature’s color palette!” – Rachel West

The Plan

Natalie gave Rachel a lot of creative freedom for this project.  Rachel took some time to understand Natalie’s personality.  Rachel wanted the site to be an extension of Natalie’s character.

“I put a lot of my heart and soul into my sites,” Rachel West explains. “I try to build a relationship with my client so I’m able to know a bit about them.  First, I send a questionnaire that allows me to understand their personality.  I ask questions to gauge their design style preferences.  There is nothing more satisfying then working with someone who understand what you love.”

Natalie wanted something vintage, like a scrapbook, but still very clean and uncluttered. She preferred neutral colors and textures like distressed wood, bunting flags, and pastel accents.

So Rachel went to work…

Rachel’s Inspiration

Rachel's Inspiration 1

Rachel's Inspiration 2

Rachel's Inspiration 3

Rachel’s Sketch

Rachel's Sketch

The Sweat

Once Rachel had a sketch complete, she created a draft on Wix and sent Natalie the link.  Natalie would then let Rachel know what to add or take away.  Communication between the two was constant through the entire design process.  “Every little detail is important,” Rachel notes, “so everything down to the fonts were carefully selected.”

Once the site is complete, Rachel will help Natalie address all technical details including setting up the domain.  Rachel also plans to teach Natalie how to make edits on her site for the future.

The Reward

Rachel wanted a website that was functional, beautiful and unique, and she delivered!  Natalie was very satisfied with the new look.  “Working with a Pro has been great,” Natalie commented, “Rachel came through with expert opinion and talent.”

To Rachel, customer satisfaction is very important.  “My clients mean a lot to me and I can happily say that I’ve stayed in contact with almost everyone I’ve worked with.  I check up on them from time to time and see how they’re doing.  It is all about building relationships.”

Natalie’s Site After the Makeover: https://www.wix.com/lillibug/tails-of-a-mermaid

Extreme Website Makeovers by Wix Pro Designers

Natalie’s Website After Rachel’s Redesign

Website Makeover as redesigned by a Wix Pro Designer

Natalie’s Website After Rachel’s Redesign


Client’s satisfaction:

Natalie Roos - Testimonial

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