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Web Design \ MAR 15th 2011

Extreme Website Makeovers: AboveandBeyondMedia

In December of 2010, Wix.com hosted the “Wix Holiday Wishes Giveaway”,  a contest that awarded 5 lucky winners the chance to win a free and professionally-designed website from a WixPro Designer. Using our social media channels, contestants were asked to answer one simple question: What’s Your Holiday Wish?

This is the story of one winner, Chris Mohr, and his Wix Pro Designer of choice, Botti Barron.

Chris Mohr Name: Chris Mohr
Location: Bristol, IL
Profession: Videography
Website type: Commercial / Business“My goal was to have a website that conveys outstanding professionalism. This feeling must be consistent from page to page. My first attempt was extremely minimal in black and white. I needed help adding color and design without sacrificing a simplistic navigation.” – Chris Mohr

Chris’ Website before the Makeover:

Chris' Website Before the Makeover


Chris' Website Before the Pro Designer's Makeover


Enter Wix Pro Designer Botti Barron:

WixPro Designer Botti Barron
Name: Botti Barron
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Profession: Designer
Arena Profile: https://arena.wix.com/wickedwebdesigns“My style is clean, crisp, colorful, and artistic.  I am always looking for the best, most economical and simple ways to share information.  Wix gives me such huge flexibility with the way I design.  I use it for all my web design needs” – Botti Barron

The Plan

Chris wanted a nice, simple website with smooth navigation; a website that will be easy for users to interact with. Video content was very important.  Chris wanted a video introduction AND a playlist of videos from his YouTube Channel.  In addition to video, Chris wanted to clearly outline the services of his business.
Chris was very specific about the layout of the site.  He sent Botti a few examples of sites he loves along with a wireframe outlining his ideas.  He also sent Botti the existing content on his site. “I usually work by researching clients’ industry and searching out their local competition,”says Botti, “I also tried to find more up-market wedding videographer’s sites.  Mainly to make sure my ideas were going to set Chris’ website apart.”

With the preproduction complete, Botti set specific deadlines and began designing away…

Botti’s Sketch

Botti's Sketch
Botti's sketch

The Sweat

Using Photoshop, Illustrator and Wix, Botti worked very quickly to design the first draft of the new site.  “Wix makes things so quick and easy; I had a pretty functional site up and designed within 24 hours.”
When she was happy with the draft, she sent Chris the link to hear his initial feedback.  Chris made a few suggestions and opted for a more conventional design than had been initially created.  While the suggestions would require a lot more work, Botti was committed to her client’s satisfaction:  “I am a perfectionist and I always want my clients to be very happy with their sites!”

Soon after, Botti delivered the second draft which turned out to be a hit.  All the elements that Chris requested were in place.  Botti even helped redesign Chris’s podcast logo. Chris and Botti stayed in communication by email throughout the whole process.  Their exchanges were quick and efficient.  When Botti has completed the website, she transferred the site to Chris’s account and helped him link the domain.  When all was said-and-done, Botti beat the deadline by two days.

The Reward

Chris was very pleased with the final result.  The layout and color scheme were spot on to Chris’ requests: “Every aspect of the site has far exceeded my expectations!”. Chris highly recommends working with a Wix designer.  “Thanks to the Wix Pro, our company now has a professional web presence that we could never have achieved on our own. I cannot tell you the level of appreciation we have for the hard work Botti Barron put into our site.”

Chris’ Site After the Makeover: https://www.aboveandbeyondmedia.net/

Chris Mohr's site after Wix Pro Designer Botti Barron's makeover


Chris Mohr's website after Wix Pro Designer Botti Barron's makeover

Client’s satisfaction:

Chris Mohr's Testimonial

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