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Web Design \ FEB 23rd 2011

Extreme Website Makeovers: glenhuysamer.com

In December of 2010, Wix.com hosted the “Wix Holiday Wishes Giveaway”, a contest that awarded 5 lucky winners the chance to win a free and professionally-designed website from a Wix Pro. Using our social media channels, contestants were asked to answer one simple question: What’s Your Holiday Wish?

This is the story of one winner, Glen Eric Huysamer, and his Wix Pro of choice, Loai Bassam.

Glen Eric Huysamer Name: Glen Eric Huysamer
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Profession: Hospitality, Cape Town Film Industry
Website type: Business“I had to change my site to portray a more professional look. I wanted it to be neater and more focused. It also needed to load faster. I built the original site from scratch, which to me was impressive considering I knew very little about the internet. I was impressed with what I was able to create on my own- but the design was still not up to par.” – Glen Eric Huysamer

Glen’s Site before the Makeover:


Before Makeover # 1

Before Makeover # 2

Before Makeover # 3

Before Makeover # 4

Enter Wix Pro Designer Loai Bassam:


Loai Bassam Name: Loai Bassam
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Profession: Web Designer, Design Student
Website type: Business“Before I started working on Glen’s site, there were a few things I noticed. For starters, the menus were confusing. They were not in the right place. The images and colors were not a good match for Glen’s business as well. Glen basically left the entire redesign up to me!” – Loai Bassam

The Challenge

For this redesign, Glen was looking for a more professional and organized look. He was worried that his old site would actually hinder the success of his company as it was very cluttered. Glen wanted something sleek, honest, and to the point. He also wanted to link in his various other projects and personal blog.

The Plan

Loai understood this vision. He decided that a complete redesign was the way to go. The goal was to create an eye catching website that would be easy to browse for any user.

The Sweat

At Glen’s convenience, Loai and Glen conversed several times per week by Skype and Facebook in order to discuss the layout and style of the site. Loai likes for his clients to see every step of the process so that after the project is complete, they can make edits by themselves.
To Glen, this process was ideal. “It was fantastic to be able to talk to somebody on the other side of the world and create something together in real time,” Glen told us, “and it was a real eye opener for me who is (or was) a novice in training.”

The Reward

Once Glen’s site was complete, Loai transferred it to Glen’s Wix account and Glen was able to upgrade the site on his own.

Glen’s Site After the Makeover:


After Makeover # 3

After Makeover # 1

After Makeover # 2

Client’s satisfaction:


Glen's Testimonial


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