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Google & SEO \ FEB 21st 2011

Learn SEO by Song: The SEO Rapper

Chuck the SEO Rapper

Here’s a cool, new way to learn SEO: listen to some of the tracks by the “SEO Rapper”. It’s a great way for newbies to learn valuable SEO concepts, while being entertained. It can also be a fun way to refresh your knowledge on how to make a website popular.

There’s been a recent buzz around his “Page Rank” video which started with an article in the New York Times earlier this week featuring the clip. Although the video was originally released on YouTube around a year and a half ago, its message remains highly relevant today – and its popularity is actually growing.

A likely reason is this: As it becomes easier and easier to make your own website, people are getting more and more interested in getting their sites noticed.

The SEO Rapper fits perfectly into this trend of simplifying things for the average consumer. He makes something with a reputation of being “complicated” and “technical” (i.e. Google’s PageRank) into something fun that people can enjoy:

Who is “The SEO Rapper”?

Chuck Lewis, or the “SEO Rapper”, is a web savvy MC who has carved out quite a niche for himself. A professional online strategist by trade, Lewis has worked at several online marketing agencies where he honed his knowledge and inspiration for the videos. He combined his interests in hip-hop and internet marketing, and recorded a series of rap videos released on YouTube, with lyrics that tackle different areas of web-marketing. Popular titles include “Social Media Marketing”, (Oct. 2010), “Page Rank” (Sept. 2009), “Design Coding” (March 2008) and the first track recorded, “Link Building 101″ (Feb. 2007).


Words to Live By

Each rap is as hilarious as it is educational.

Here are some of our favorite snippets by The SEO Rapper. You may want to hum these pearls of wisdom to yourself while you work on optimizing your Wix website:

“your links should always be adding not subtracting”

– from Page Rank

“the internet changed its all about sharing, web 2.0 / on the road or at home / mac book or on my phone”

– from Social Media Marketing

“make friends with who you’re targeting / get a buzz and it goes viral / social media marketing”

– from Social Media Marketing

Check out the rest of the beats by The SEO Rapper on his own site, theseorapper.com, or his YouTube channel.

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