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WixTools for iPhone: Upload your Photos to the Editor in a Jiffy!

WixTools for iPhone Upload your Photos to the Editor in a Jiffy!

Meet WixTools, a brand new app that allows you to upload pics from your iPhone directly to your Wix account! No more downloading, uploading or emailing files around – with WixTools, you can add photos to your Wix account on the go!

How Does WixTools Work?

1. Download the app from iTunes or from the app store. It’s absolutely free!

WixTools iPhone app for photos

2. Open the app and choose one of the following:

  • Capture something on your camera and upload.

  • Choose an existing pic from your photo library.

Upload photos from iPhone to Wix site

3. Go to your Wix account and open the editor.

4. The photos you’ve just uploaded are waiting in your pic gallery. Awesome!

Upload pics from iPhone using WixTools

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