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Web Design Resolutions for 2011

Web Design Resolutions for the New Year

A new year always brings up new hopes and wishes. These days everyone is occupied with things we want to accomplish in the next 12 months. We here at Wix are occupied too. Occupied with the future of web design and the changes and challenges the new year will bring.

We don’t want to try and predict what 2011 would look like on the web, but we sure have some hopes for it. These are our top five resolutions for web design.

Wishing you’ll  you a sensational and creative 2011!

  1. Return of the Text:
    Web Design Resolutions for 2011 - Typography is great

    Text is an important element of web design. Don’t let it die out!

    While we certainly don’t want to resurrect 90’s style full text pages we’d definitely love to see some more text integrated into web design. The greatest benefit here is that more text means more typography, and more typography means a lot more experimentation and fun.

  2. No More Distasteful Embedding:
    Web Design Resolutions for 2011 - HTML Embed on Wix Template

    See anything that just doesn’t fit right?

    The post-modern website is a dynamic one. It adds and drops embedded elements so fast, with each element leaving its mark on the design. We’re always sad to see beautiful websites turning bad for using an app that simply doesn’t blend in with their layout.

    To avoid misfortunes, both embedded object and website should correspond with each other. Embedded widgets and apps should be designed compliment each other. True, new usabilities are important, but not at the cost of scarifying basic design principles.

  3. Space it Out
    No, we don’t mean adding Star Wars clip art. We’re talking about leaving reasonable spaces between elements. Cramming too much information together is tasteless and extremely disorienting for site visitors. In 2011, give each element of your design enough room to make an impression.

    Looks far better with spaces, right?

  4. Effects & Animation? Less Is more: 

    Waves, glows, stars, clip art – no website needs that much bling

    While some animations are cute and some effects really are useful, the popular use of animations and effects is mostly wrong. We keep running into websites that look like 4th of July gone wrong – too much motion and too much commotion. If you don’t want to scare your visitors away or leave the impression that you’re a Justin Bieber fan, please remove your animations or at least tone them down.

  5. Abolish Automatic Audio Players

    If you insist on playing music, use a visible audio player

    (Musicians, DJ’s and fansites naturally excluded)

    Despite what some web designers believe, music is not always a fun addition to a site. Most internet users feel helpless when they open a page and, out of nowhere, strange music is coming out of their speakers. It is extremely uncomfortable in public spaces, not too mention that it slows down the loading of the website.

    If you feel convinced that an auto-player will contribute to your website, please use a visible player that will be easy to turn off and on.

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