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Google & SEO \ DEC 16th 2010

The 10 Commandments of SEO – Part II

Ten Commandments of SEOIf you want your Wix website to receive glorious rankings atop Mount Google, ye shall worship these 10 Commandments of SEO, delivered straight to you in your very own home (no hiking boots required).

Once you’ve absorbed the wisdom of Commandments I through V, you are ready to receive the second and final installment of SEO rules to live optimize by:

VI. Thou Shall Not Steal
All of your content must be original. Google can detect duplicate content, or two different pages with exactly the same text. This can cause you to suddenly drop in your rankings, or get removed entirely from Google’s index. Write your own, original content and do not let the same text appear in more than one place inside your own website.

VII. Thou Shall Not Stuff

You must also be wary of using too many keywords. Don’t “stuff” them into your text – think of it more as “seasoning”. Your keywords should make up between 3-5% of your on-page content.

Keyword Stuffing

Keep the flow of your writing as natural as possible, and place keywords only where it makes sense. Write in a way so as not be obvious that this is precisely what you’re doing.

VIII. Thou Shall Be User-Friendly

Get into your visitor’s head. What is he or she searching for? Is this easy to find inside your website?
Split your personality if you have to – just make sure that your visitor understands what you’re about, can easily get around your website, and can quickly locate what he or she is after.

Pastry Shop

Present your link structure clearly so visitors won’t get lost. Provide your inner links clearly on your homepage, and use good descriptions for buttons. Don’t try to be witty or clever with site navigation. You want users to make as few clicks as possible to locate the meat of your content, your sales page, your artwork, whatever. Make your links obvious by coloring them with a different color than surrounding text. Create user-friendly text by choosing easy-to-read fonts, and easy-to-digest paragraphs. And don’t forget to include a link to the homepage from every inner page!

IX. Thou Shall Track Your Site’s Performance

If you know how your site is performing you are better able to target what SEO measures to focus on. Google Analytics is a terrific application you can use to track your performance. Site stats show you from where your visitors are coming, and how they’re behaving once inside your website. You can determine which of your keywords are working for you, which pages are the most interesting, and much more.

SEO Report Summary

Google Analytics is free when you connect your Wix website to your own domain by upgrading to a Premium package.

Or, if you are one of our beloved free website owners, our awesome SEO Monitoring Tool works for both free and premium domains. This brand new tool pinpoints exact areas of your Flash website that aren’t optimized for SEO. It’s still in open alpha testing, so any feedback is much appreciated!

X. Thou Shall Perform Regular Tune-Ups

Keep your website in tip-top shape. Check periodically how it’s doing. Make sure all the sites you link to are in fact still online, and those links aren’t broken. Make sure your contact forms are connected to your most updated e-mail address.

If you have calendar dates on your website, make sure everything is updated to the most recent year. Don’t let banners get dusty with old years or irrelevant information (a banner announcing “1,000 Happy Customers!” is silly, once you’ve expanded to 10,000!). Also, graphics can get old and tired and visitors will want to see a refresh for evidence that you’re involved and are constantly making improvements. Use our website builder to quickly whip up a fresh new look every once in awhile.
Adding fresh textual content also sends a red flag to search engines that something new is cooking on your site and their spiders will crawl and re-index your site for future searches.

Final Command: Thou Shall Be Patient!

Thou Shall Be Patient
Optimization takes time. It can take time to get ranked in the first place, and it can take even longer to rank well for your keywords. But it will bring you the traffic you’re looking for, if you obey every Commandment listed here. Updating your content, adding back links and generating a buzz in the online community will all speed up the process of getting ranked for your keywords.
Keep in mind that SEO is always changing, as the web itself evolves, new tools emerge and new tactics are promoted or devalued. Review these Commandments regularly and check back on the Wix blog for important updates on getting more organic, search engine traffic for your Wix website!

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