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Promote Your Site \ DEC 20th 2010

Last-Minute Online Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Happy Holidays from WixThe tree is decorated, the egg nog is on the stove, and the mistletoe is strategically placed. But wait, have you updated your website for the holiday season? Your online business can flourish at this time of year. The basic equation to keep in mind here is this: One man’s holiday is another man’s greatest business opportunity.

Why Should Your Online Business Get Into The Holiday Spirit?

  • People spend money at this time of year. It’s a no-brainer. They are actively looking for gifts and sales and turn more and more to the web to find what they’re looking for.
  • Special holiday offers are a great opportunity to promote your site via newsletters, social networks or daily deals websites. The “Spam Police” which haunts online businesses throughout the year is significantly more lax on holidays.
  • It’s a great opportunity to give your site a small facelift, just to refresh it a little.

How To Promote Your Holiday Deal

  • Create a designated site page that details exactly what you’re offering. This page should have something of the holiday cheer in it (red & green colors, holiday icons, etc.) but at the same time, should still visually correspond with your website (same page structure, logo or fonts would do the trick).

    Holiday Special WebSite Page

    Designated Holiday Special Page

  • On the homepage, add a visible banner or a button that links to the designated page. Adding a button that says: “Holiday Deals” won’t cut it. Go for something more appealing like “Click Here for Our Crazy Holiday Offers”; “Holiday Special: Get 20% Off All Online Orders”; “Limited Time Holiday Offers Now Available!”.

    Special Holiday Deal on Homepage

    Highlighting the Offer on the Homepage

  • Use the Wix editor to create flashy holiday greeting cards promoting your special holiday deal and spread them around. Don’t forget to link directly to the deal’s page and not to your homepage.

Keep In Mind:

  • The Wix editor is filled with sweet icons, lines, shapes and clip art that are especially suited for holiday themes. A moderate use of them will give you great results. An exaggerated use will cause a decrease in your visitors’ count and possibly a few epileptic seizures.
  • Even if you’re not selling anything on your site, it’s still great to add some holiday spirit to it!
  • Easter is not part of the holiday season, so don’t forget to remove your deals and special designs on time. It’s perfectly fine to keep your holiday specials online a few days longer if you label them as “Post-Holiday Specials” or similar.

And here’s a couple of Wix sites designed or redesigned for holiday season. Inspiration!

Elderly at Christmas – Special Holiday Site

Elderly at Christmas Holiday Site
AJ Photography – New Year’s Special Offer

AJ Photography Site Holiday Special

Aesthetic Design Holiday Shop

Aesthetic Design Holiday Shop

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