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Social Media \ NOV 23rd 2010

Your Wix Site Goes Social

Your Wix Website Goes SocialWhat is Social Bookmarking?
Social Bookmarking is a way for internet users to save, share and organize their favorite webpages online.

What Can our New Social Bookmarking Footer Do for You?
From now on, any visitor that enters your site will be able to share your content with their friends by hitting one of the social media icons on the footer. Your visitors will be converted into marketers by sharing the link to your website with their contacts, followers and friends on different social networks. This means more exposure for your personal or business website.

What Social Networks are Included in the Footer?
For the time being, we chose to include some of the most popular social media and social news websites: Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg and StumbleUpon.

However, we’d love to get your feedback about which networks are most beneficial to your business or have the target audience you’re trying to reach.


How Do I Integrate the New Footer to My Wix Site?
Since the Social Bookmarking Footer is still in beta, it’s currently available only on our Photo Focus template. There’s no need to actively add the footer – it will be automatically integrated into your website. Please be sure to add relevant title and description to your website. Potential visitors will not click on a link unless presented with a clear idea of what they’re about to view.

New Wix Social Bookmarking Website Footer

Help us Improve the New Social Bookmarking Footer!

If you tried or just about to try this feature – we’d love to get your feedback. Our Marketing Product Manager will be monitoring comments to this post and will be happy to reply any suggestions or questions. Here are a few points we’d love to get your feedback on:

  1. Bugs / Glitches while using this feature
  2. Relevance of Social Media networks listed on the footer
  3. Suggestions for new Social Media channels
  4. Satisfaction with the automatic message updated to users’ profiles

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