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Ideas & Inspiration \ NOV 17th 2010

Wix Website Reviews: Style Loft Limited

Style Loft Limited is a new application development company that was set up in January 2010. We were impressed with their clean and stylized website and the clear way in which they bring their message across.

Wix Website Review: Style Loft 1

A good design helps clients to interact with the company’s message. Style Loft’s flash website design does just that: Its metallic look communicates with the Apple design. The visitor  understands what they’re stepping into before making the first click. This is a huge design accomplishment.

Wix Website Reviews: Style Loft 2
The design takes the gray metallic look from Apple, but adds bright pink and green to the text. This gives the website a fresh twist, spicing up the design and portraying a young and fresh look. However, since this site is aiming for a minimalist design approach, finishes and alignments become all the more critical. Even small mistakes mistakes tend to pop out much more when seen on a minimal canvas. Here are a few issues the designer should consider addressing:

Wix Website Reviews: Style Loft 3

  1. Banner placement varies from page to page . Personally I think the banner works best on the Portfolio page, where the banner is closest to the menu. Components should be placed on the exact same location on every page.
  2. There’s a text alignment problem in all pages. A good way to avoid this problem is by using the rulers (in the Wix editor; Arrange–> Rulers). Line up every element and text to a ruler, and when you go to a new page the rulers will stay put.
  3. The “About”, “Blog” and “Contact” tabs all have different contact information: a few email addresses, two contact forms -this causes clutter and confusion. All contact information, as well as Facebook and Twitter links should be organized on one page only: the Contact tab.Wix Website Reviews: Style Loft 4

The “About” tab has a short well written section about the company that clearly brings across their agenda. ‘Meet The Team’ is a great idea that promotes a warm and familiar feeling. It would be good to add a line or two about each team member.

Wix Website Reviews: Style Loft 5

All in all, this is a clever and well designed website with an impressive portfolio. We’ll keep following their activities as we’re hopeful Style Loft Limited will be recognized for the special and innovative company that it is.

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