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Promote Your Site \ NOV 9th 2010

The Wix Blog Social Marketing Series – Lesson # 4: LinkedIn Part II

Message Regarding Previous Post AKA We Love Your Comments

A hearty thank you for Wix Blog reader Bertrand, who took the time to comment on the previous article in the series. Bertrand was absolutely right in requesting to hear some practical tips on what can Wix users specifically do with LinkedIn to promote their business. We don’t want to be just like any other LinkedIn user, right?

So here are some ideas that we came up with. It will be inaccurate to say that these tips could benefit Wix users only, but they do offer some added value to Wix website owners who are using LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn recently launched a new feature for companies – “Products”. It allows company profiles to create personal pages for products and services. Throwing a link there to your Wix site will help increase exposure to your products.
  2. Why not create a discussion regarding your Wix site within a LinkedIn group? A group of professionals related to your field of work or a group of web designers can be a good place to ask for feedback. The idea here is not necessarily to hunt for design tips (though it won’t do any harm), but to draw attention to your online activity.
  3. More and more Wix sites sport thumbnails linking to their social profiles in different networks. Why not add a link to your LinkedIn profile, whether personal or company?
  4. LinkedIn profiles actually generate a very important type of content – recommendations. It used to be that individuals received recommendations for career advancement purposes, but with the new company feature even products and services can be recommended. You can not only link from your Wix site to these recommendations, you can even quote them on your Wix site as a testimonial (with the appropriate LinkedIn credit, of course).

Following Bertrand’s feedback, we would love it if more blog readers participated in this discussion. If you have your own personal take on how Wix users should work with LinkedIn, drop us a line there at the bottom of the post. Meanwhile, here are some LinkedIn features that you should check out.

Group Networking

group profile on LinkedIn

Your personal profile is not the only platform on LinkedIn that allows you to promote your work. The network also offers a Groups section. As an individual profile, you can join a group and take part in the discussions. As a company, you can start your own group to promote your work.

Take this group, for example: “Insurance Agents in Social Media“. These group’s participants network with each other and post their thoughts about promoting their work through social media. This group represents a community of professionals with a common interest.

Let’s check out another group: “UCLA Anderson Alumni Network“. It functions as a powerful promotion tool since it brings together school alumni who have or are looking for corporate careers. The alumni happy to have an exclusive, support social network and the school is happy because each successful member is giving them online credit.

This is how Groups work reciprocally to assist individuals as well as companies. But that’s not the only method for companies to promote themselves on LinkedIn.

Company Profiles

Company page on LinkedInYour company can have its own profile on LinkedIn, presenting its line of work and linking to all company employees profiles. The company profile includes mentions in the press, open positions, new employees and even recent tweets from your company’s Twitter page.

Keep in mind that people who use LinkedIn are there for business-networking purposes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a company profile to promote a jewelry business just because it has nothing to do with media consulting. It just means that your jewelry company profile needs to act differently than it does on other social networks.

If you decide to open a company profile, it is important to encourage your company employees to connect their personal profiles to it. It is also important to establish contact with external service providers that your company has been in contact with, like accountants, logo designers, delivery services and so on.

Since most updates that appear on company profiles are focused on job openings and new hires, you may reach the conclusion that your company is just not active enough in these areas and shouldn’t open a profile. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not all industries find LinkedIn a natural home. You can still invest time in a personal profile and promote your business by promoting yourself.


A very nice way to stand out in LinkedIn is by using the Answers page. You can post questions and receive advice and help from professionals in many different fields, but most importantly, you can prove yourself to be an expert by offering others your answers. Answers are rated and therefore can win you some respect.

If you want this tool to really work for you, don’t answer questions you don’t have any clue about just for the sake of answering. You want to be known as someone who gives helpful and insightful tips, not as a blabbermouth, so take some time to really consider the questions you wish to reply to.

Direct Ads

LinkedIn also has an internal ad generator that works just like Google Ads, only within LinkedIn. You can set a budget, focus on a specific target market and publish ads that will appear on different locations on the site.

If your business website offers services or support for a certain field of professionals, these ads can be worthwhile. For instance, if you sell photography gear, if you developed a software for real estate management or if you’re organizing a conference about mobile content, LinkedIn will direct your ads to your potential clients.


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