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Small Business Tips \ NOV 25th 2010

Is Your Business Black Friday Ready?

Is your business Black Friday ready?

Photo by RobHolland@Flickr

Black Friday is around the corner and as always, it creates a tsunami of consumer-enthusiasm. In recent years, the Black Friday focus has been shifting from department stores to online stores. Many online business owners are offering attractive deals on their products and services, welcoming the challenge involved in generating great promotional ideas. If you happen to have a business website, it’s time you joined the party.

Although there are only a few days left before Black Friday kicks in, it’s not too late to announce a sale or a special offer. You just need to come up with the right offer and spread the word on your social channels. We can give you a hand with a few tips.

  1. First, you need to figure out what are your Black Friday objectives. Making many simultaneous sales on the same day is great, but that’s not the only advantage Black Friday has to offer. Black Friday is also an opportunity to promote your business and gain more exposure.  Think about the long run. You want to attract your visitors in a way that would make them want to come back to your site, even if they haven’t purchased anything.
  2. Offer your clients a good deal. Don’t use that one product you were unable to sell the entire year just to get rid of it. Keep in mind that people wait for Black Friday deals to buy an iPad or a Wii, not just to grab any reduced item at hand.
  3. If your business offers a service (photography, spa treatments, DJing, etc.) and not a product, you can sell special Black Friday coupons. This will not only add another sale to your balance, but also guarantee that client revisit you in the future. Product sellers can do the same trick with gift coupons.
  4. Traditionally, Black Friday takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but nowadays it doesn’t work like that anymore. Many stores are opening up especially on Thanksgiving for an early Black Friday; others will hold a Black Friday deal every weekend until Christmas. Online, things are even more flexible. You can start your Black Friday sale a couple of days earlier and keep it live another day afterwards. Of course, you have to brand it as a “Black Friday Early Sale”, “A Black Friday After-Party”, “An Even Blacker Friday” and so forth.
  5. On your site, you should create a special page for your Black Friday sale and add a link from your homepage. That way it will be easy to remove the link and delete the info once it becomes irrelevant. Keep in mind that the unique page should still have the same visual language as the rest of the site (company logo, fonts, background, etc.).
  6. Promotion is the keyword here. You have to create a buzz around your special deal. If you have a mailing list – now’s the time to use it; Send Facebook messages and create a Facebook event; Tweet on a daily basis; Tell all friends and relatives and neighbors! Keep your promotion simple. It’s not supposed to be a super sophisticated campaign. You can use the Wix website builder to create an attractive flash ad. For example:

Black Friday Wix Ad

If you have a special Black Friday deal cooking, be sure to send us a comment with a link!

May you prosper on this Black Friday like the puritans of generations past.

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