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Photography \ NOV 30th 2010

Showcase: Great Pics Taken with Disposable Cameras

Using low-tech cameras to take pics is not a new trend. Ever since digital photography has taken over, both amateur and professional photographers express a longing for old-fashioned gear. No one, though, could have predicted that disposable cameras would become a fashion accessory.


These cameras, once associated with working-class vacations and nowadays with working-class weddings, have a problematic reputation for producing very low quality photos, not to mention the counter-environmentalist message that they convey. But when they’re used wisely and with care, disposable cameras can provide very interesting shots with a nostalgic touch.


These lovely images show how a disposable camera captures terrific shots when in good hands. Their charm lies in their imperfection and somewhat honest simplicity. Enjoy:


Great Pics Taken with Disposable Cameras - The Popism

Photo By ThePopism

Disposable Camera Photography - emily dickinson rides a bmx


Disposable Camera Photography Photo Du.de


Disposable Camera Photography Adam BakerAdam Baker

Disposable Camera Photography Pseudo VictorPseudo Victor

Disposable Camera Photography srh chnsrh chn

Disposable Camera Photography betsy maherbetsy.maher

Disposable Camera Photography Joe ShlabotnikJoe Shlabotnik

Disposable Camera Photography NathanFNathanF

Disposable Camera Photography mike warrenmike warren


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