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Social Media \ NOV 7th 2010

Facebook’s Big Picture: Blessing or Curse?

Facebook's Big Picture Blessing or Curse Photo By naixn

Photo By naixn

Facebook announced the beginning of a month-long release of its new photography functions.

The new interface will give photographers the opportunity to upload larger resolution files – up to 2048 pixels wide.  I’ve spent a couple of days thinking about the new feature because my first impression was similar to other photographers – cautious.  I’ve heard a few photographers express worry that Facebook friends will be able to download their images in large resolution without permission or payment.

How ridiculous.  My conclusion is the same as if you don’t want your images seen, borrowed or stolen on the internet.  You don’t upload them. If you don’t want people to download high-resolution printable images, you don’t upload high-resolution images to Facebook.  The photographer still has the choice about what size file they upload and whether it has a watermark on it.

Many photographers have made a fine living sharing bonus images with clients via Facebook. This gives photographers the opportunity to connect and share the images with a clients friends, family and associates.  By tagging  and sharing the images people are directed to the photographers Facebook page increasing the odds of a referral or new connection.

The Facebook team has also created a new better browsing experience and simpler uploading.  The new system will allow photographers to tag a large group of images at once during the upload process.  This will be especially  beneficial for event and wedding photographers.

Per usual, some people will not like what the Facebook photo team has created.

I’ve heard a number of complaints about the speed of uploading and viewing of photographs on Facebook though the years.  If the Facebook team has taken care of those issues, I’m sure the upgrades will make most people happy.

This post was taken from “New Media Photographer” digital marketing Blog by Rosh sillars.

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