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Web Design \ NOV 28th 2010

Creating a Website Header Using Wix

Big or noticeable website headers are becoming increasingly popular in web design. Originally used by web design blogs, headers are now used by many websites as an attention drawing technique. After all, sitting on the top of the page, it is the very first design element that visitors see.

But headers don’t only function only as a “visitor trap”, they also contain important information. While setting the theme for the website, they introduce and reinforce the business’ image and logo. That’s why it’s important to keep the header consistent with your site’s general theme. Just as important is previewing your header on different screens to make sure it doesn’t get cropped.

Designing a creative and attractive header in editor is a piece of cake, especially if you already have experience with making a website on Wix.

Getting Started
It’s recommended to design your header on a separate Wix document and publish it as a media item in order to incorporate it into your website. This will also allow you to reuse and republish your header in different web channels: your blog, social network profiles, etc.

We recommend using one of Wix’s templates (trust us on this one):

Designing a Website Header with Wix Website Header designed with Wix.comCreate a Website Header with Wix Example of a Website Header Designed with Wix
However, if you choose to start from scratch, start with formatting your template:

  1. Go to settings >> appearance
  2. Unlock the aspect ratio box
  3. Set the size of the header, it’s recommended that the width will remain the same size as the original website – the length is up to you.

From keeping it simple to going all out- check out these inspirational header designs:

  1. Made In EnglandInspiring Website Header - Create yours with Wix Website Builder
  2. Mike PossDesign a Great Website Header with Wix.com
  3. Jesse StephensCreate Your own Flash Website Header with Wix
  4. Glauber DortheuDesign a Website Header with Wix.com
  5. Carton BlancInspiring Website Header created with Wix

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