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Trends \ NOV 4th 2010

10 Web Usability Tips

Web Design and Usability

If this is the first time you hear of “usability”, we suggest you read our previous post, 8 Most Common Usability Mistakes Made by Wix Users. If you’re already making your first steps designing your flash website’s user interface, please read on.

10 Great Usability Tips:

  1. Every page should feature a “back” or “home” button. The navigation bar’s location should be consistent on every page.

  2. If you have a photo gallery, make sure your visitors can enlarge photos and scroll between them while enlarged. This way your visitors won’t be forced to close one enlarged photo and open the next. Usability’s first rule of thumb is the less “clicks”, the happier the visitor.
  3. If you have music on your site make sure the visitor can easily identify the player and switch it off if they so choose.

    Music Players on your Website

  4. Don’t overload- rich media websites are slower to load, testing the users patience.

  5. Be consistent with the design pattern and alignment, don’t change your grid on every page.
  6. If your website has more than the customary 4-5 tabs, and has more than one menu, make sure there’s an easy flow from one page to another and that users can easily spot the sub-menus.
  7. Place all contact info under one section – don’t scatter it around your website.

    Website Contact Info Page

  8. Users are usually intimidated by long texts. Be specific, highlight (Bold or with color) relevant texts so they pop out to the visitor. Fact is, most users will probably only read the highlighted text.
  9. Integrate Symbols and Icons into your design. Symbols are Icons are usually international, easy to understand and add a great look and feel to your site.

    Add Icons to Your Website Design

  10. Before publishing your site, conduct a usability test, showing your website to as many people as possible. Be present with them while they enter your website, monitor their reactions and where they get stuck.

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